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MUSLIMS-Why can’t we all just get along?

Ok, I haven’t written in my blog for awhile. It is my blog after all, so add whatever lame excuse seems _mal153_54002481appropriate and lets move on. This title has much sarcasm in it. Whatever. The truth is, so much has been going on in the world since my last blog post I can hardly keep up. I’m writing this in the aftermath of the Islamic invasion of Europe (oops, I meant a migration of poor refugees finding help in the west) and the savage killing of french people in Paris by Islamic warriors (for the religion of peace; err something like that).

The thing that is bothering me about the whole mess is the response from my own culture. We have one side that wants to nuke isis on their home turf, and the other side saying not all muslims are violent, so lets ramp up the rhetoric about racism and tolerance and fight the iusavages with big dollops of western guilt trips. Both ideas are wrong. Nuking a country after all their fighters are past the gates is just stupid, this is not WW2 where each side is fighting under a flag, and the strongest nation wins. ISIS has no “home country”. This is a war of cultures. And we are losing. Badly. I believe the experts call this fourth generation warfare. We are losing because our identity with our own culture is sick. We have stopped believing in ourselves.

The west has an identity crisis, we are not sure if we are good enough to challenge others belief systems. That’s noble and all, but suicidal. The muslim culture that has declared war on us is convinced they are better; even chosen, by”allah”. This attacking muslim culture is all but spitting in our facesiu-13 while giving that declaration. Their mullahs preach it, their children are steeped in it, and their warriors are training for it. YOU, are the great satan doncha’  know. The woman of the west shall be their concubines, our girl children shall be their wives, and our boys shall die for their “allah”. Is this too hard for you to understand? These violent and extreme mohammedans can’t make it any plainer for you.  Think I’m all xenophobic and bigoted? It is iu-12THEY who are declaring it! I’m not making this stuff up. I have a hard time believing it myself. I’ve listened to hippie music too ya know. I love the idealism of teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony. Growing apple trees and snow white turtle doves is all well and good, until youimages-3 are faced with a people who are steeped in hatred from the crib, determined to rape and kill for a god from an ancient cult. The honeybees shall be enslaved along with your grandchildren; and all hippy music will be outlawed.

Trying to compare mohammedans to Christians is also stupid. Mohammed copied stuff from both Judaism and Christianity when he formed his sick cult. sharia-barbaric-liberals-shilling-for-sharia-political-poster-1283943535.gifChristians are not slavering to chop off unbelievers heads. The evil crap done by Christians does not have the backing of Jesus Christ, that’s rather plain if you care to read what He said. Mohammed, however, started out by “spilling the blood of infidels”.

Saying Hitler was a christian means less than nothing. The nazis didn’t turn Jews, homosexuals, JW’s and gypsies into bars of soap under a flag of Christ. A form of socialism was the order of the dayimages-13 for that movement. Saying that Mussolini was a christian is like saying mussolini ate tomatoes, he was a dictator under a flag of ideology, not religion. Lets stop all this fruitless hippy crap and focus on the problem, shall we?

The western culture, after much success in lifting the masses to unforeseen heights of freedom and riches, has been taught to hate itself. Not going to go into why, just stating a fact. We question ourselves endlessly on matters of race, gender, pollution, history, beliefs, freedom, wealth, etc. All good, it’s iu-5important to question; don’t want to get proud or anything right?  All the while we forget to pull the camera back and see how great we really are. The very fact that we have the time, wealth, and freedom to question ourselves; MAKES US A GREAT SOCIETY. A society worth saving, a culture worth fighting for. I will refrain from going on about how our foundations are (and always will be) set on philosophies that are predominantly Judaeo/Christian, lest I offend the angry iur-1atheists. The point is that our culture CAN allow many different ideas to cohabit together. The question for you to decide- can all ideas live in peace? What if one idea wants to stomp out all others?  As horribly as possible? To scare any other ideas right out of your head? Sound familiar?

I will address the other argument I hear. This is one I approach with more sensitivity, as much as I can muster. Not-all-muslims-are-like-that, is the easiest way to say it, and it’s true. To which I must say, so what. We must not judge? But if we want to to survive, we must. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater? Maybe. To take on this challenge, mistakes will be made and some innocents will suffer, that goes without saying.iu-4 Is survival of the Western culture worth it? That is the hard question, a question that must be answered. Forget the hippy dream of tolerating muslims till islam changes, you are an infidel, you (and your silly ideas) are to be subdued under sharia law. The muslims openly declare this. Muhammed iu-10started his cult by spilling innocent blood, grew his cult by spilling innocent  blood, and his “true” followers are still spilling innocent blood. Do you have a nice muslim friend or neighbour that you’re convinced wants (with all their heart) to be a good citizen? I’m sure it’s true, so what. When the “extreme” muslims take over, his head will be bobbing on the carpet long before yours  (or your head will be displayed on a fence before that maybe). It’s a hard thing, but a trueiur thing. The “extremists” among the muslims seem barely challenged by the “moderate” muslims. I suspect that the “moderates” are bankrolling the “extremists”, that’s the “other” way to get to muslim “paradise”. We must try to be fair, but always keep watch out of the corner of our collective eye.

So what does this look like in actual day-to-day life? Here is some bullet point bluntness:

2922294STOP bringing muslims into our countries! Hold off and evaluate for a couple of generations! Let the oil rich muslim nations look after the poor “immigrants” and “refugees”. Start bringing in the real refugees from Sweden and France as they fall under the black flag of sharia law. Yes, we must “profile” people, get over it already.

ZERO tolerance for “extremism”. If a mosque is found withiu-9 “extreme” literature, bulldoze it. If terrorists are discovered (and no doubt involved) execute them. If there is reasonable doubt (like cooked up maybe), incarcerate or deport them as “suspected terrorists”(if another muslim nation will take them)

ARM and TRAIN citizens of our nation to fight terrorists, iu-8think Switzerland, when everyday people (or a percentage of them) stop being unarmed cattle, the killing will stop. These “extremists” live for the glory of the big slaughter, not being popped by a Joe citizen after only three rounds can be fired from his AK-47. Besides, let’s face it, terrorists are cowards.

STOP allowing muslims to bully our culture, allow them toiur-1 wear what they want and eat what they want on their own time and their own dime, do not allow mohammedans to dictate to our culture what we can, and can not do; bacon anyone?

WE must make them respect our culture, NOT the other way around. I mean, hey, they can always find another culture under sharia law; if that’s the only way they feel iur-2comfortable.

I can hear libtard heads exploding, it makes a noise like “racist” “xenophobe” and “bigot” all mixed together, I don’t care (remember this tactic when called a racist by thought challenged libtards- just say, “I don’t care,” and move on; gotta get rid of PC bullshit somehow) . The world of unicorns and rainbows was a drug fantasy left over from the sixties, it died under a hailimages-2 of AK-47 bullets and bomb vest shrapnel. Its time to swallow the red pill on this issue. It’s time too look at the problem objectively. This age has become one in which to keep our faith strong, blades sharp, and powder dry. Too bad. According to history, this is not the first time the western culture has had to deal with muslim “extremists”. Maybe our forefathers can speak to us from the past. Maybe it’s time to listen to them.25


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INTO THE LIGHT-part 3 of 3

That title, to many, will seem presumptuous. I don’t feel that way. This post will anger many people, most will not read it to the end, yet I Unknown-1can write this post with more confidence than my butchered overview of the manosphere. I can write with confidence because I am quoting wisdom that has guided mankind for thousands of years. This wisdom has not always worked perfectly, because people are imperfect, and the knowledge/wisdom has been applied imperfectly. Keep that in mind as you read. Many people today have a hate for christianity that is truly surreal, most can’t differentiate between churchianity and christianity. The failings of christians are front and centre while the benefits (to society in general) are never spoken of anymore. I am not here to defend christians, churches, or organized religion of any sort. I am merely going to give an overview of the guiding principles (as applied to male/female relations) that is found in the old and new testaments of the christian bible, very successful societies found them invaluable. Before I can embark on this endeavour, a little bit of deprograming has to take place in your mind. In fact, the deprogramming is going to take more words than the actual sharing of wisdom. This deprogramming will take mental exercise , keep that in mind as you read, or you will just get hostile and quit before the end.


bh63pAt this point I am going to change some titles and names, this is a favourite trick of the “progressive” left so I feel no guilt in doing it. I am going to do it because christian jargon triggers animosity in many people before their brain even kicks in. By changing the jargon you may have a chance to think, “hmmmm, interesting”, before becoming dismissive. Lets start with God, bad trigger word there! Conjures up images-1pictures of an old, bearded, judgemental curmudgeon who throws lightning bolts and curses at people who just wanna have fun. Not sure why people think that way, probably a mixture of old paintings, folklore and guilt; but i digress. Just accept, for the moment, that He is the creator of the universe, and is a marvellous engineer and artist. Lets call him the Designer, so, God=Designer. Moving on now to sin, does that sound like fun? Actually that is what a lot of people think, that sin is fun, forbidden fun. But sin gets us in trouble, not just with a grumpy god, actual trouble. Lust? Std’s, unwanted babies, and soul scars. Gluttony? Excess fat, liver disease and heart trouble. You get the picture. Lets say the Designer laid Unknown-2out the rules for a reason, so sin is a deviation from the design parameters. If you bought a brand new laptop and decided it was ok to fry bacon on it, you would have no one to blame but yourself when your machine stops functioning; you have deviated from the design of the machine. Sin=deviate, and a sinner is a deviant. Still with me? It would behoove me to talk about a Designer without also mentioning a destroyer.  I won’t call him a devil or satan, etc lest you conjure up images of horns and hooves. The destroyer does come into the picture, he hates the Designer, and he hates everything the Designer built, including you. So now we have a design, a designer and a destroyer. A destroyer who causes a deviation from the original design in order to cause destruction, sound familiar? I could do what so many other christian types do at this point, and start talking about Adam and Eve, but I won’t; much.Unknown-5 We are talking about a life philosophy interwoven with stories, poetry, prophesy, history and genealogies. If you had to write a manual that would speak throughout history, a guide so to speak, that would relate to all genders, races, ages and cultures; how would you do it? It has to explain why things are the way they are and direct a path through life. I think the Designer did it perfectly, so bible=guide. Whether the early stories are mythology is a mute point for our purposes at the moment. I’m not going to become a “guide thumper” here, and you agree not to be a “guide skeptic”, and we’ll just move ahead.


So we have culled all those who blindly hate “religious stuff” and now I’m going to slough off a bunch more readers. For this to be given an honest “think” you have to deprogram that competing mythology; evolution. I can hear the roar from here, EVOLUTION IS SCIENCE images-15YOU IGNORANT _______(fill in the blank). Yeah, yeah, I beg to differ, but I don’t have the space, time or inclination right now. Here is a sampling of some cliche’ sayings to really get ya goin’. “How can blind chance make a seeing eye” or “how can nothing turn into everything”,had enough? To those who haven’t stormed off in a foaming rage, ya gotta admit, at its base, evolution is a type of mythology; a really boring mythology. Evolution says that all life sprang from rocks, it just happened reallllllllllllly slooooowwwly. This all had to happen while breaking the laws of REAL science (e.g. law of entropy). You can spend much time on this topic, research the rest of your life, and you’ll never get away from faith. Believe in the stories told by men who dig up old bones, or believe in what it says in the guide. For us to go on, lets just call evolution/design competing theories. Why does a person have to deprogram evolution? Because evolution is being applied to everything, and its a crappy theory. Social evolution, cultural evolution, legal Unknownevolution, language evolution is all being hailed as “good” and even “desired”, and that’s dangerous. Its not that things don’t change, only an idiot would think that, but not all change is good. images-2Evolution states that we started in the muck (ground up rocks) and we got bigger, better, smarter!  Let’s just evolve faster till we’re on the deck of a starship and exploring the universe! (*cough*mythology*cough*). What we actually see, is human society going through troughs and peaks. We have had amazing societies before, it’s not technology that fails us, it’s the human heart and mind. Step down the path of the Designer for a moment and look at the difference. The designer made it good and we broke it, we deviated from his design parameters and we’re broken. We aren’t going to fix that with science/technology, and were not going to get better outside of the designers plan for getting better. Period. Its not that I don’t stand in amazement at what man can do with his hands, and brain. We can rip materials from the planet and form machines that can peer into a cell, and form other materials into machines that fling men to the moon. Don’t think for a minute that we can’t lose our technological abilities, it’s happened before, check out a history book.


images-5Your still here, and you probably want to know how this all fits into male/female relationships? You may not realize that many of the people I alienated (by disparaging their belief in evolution) are avid red pill/manosphere types. Talking about the Designer, and pushing evolution to its rightful place as a quasi-religious belief system, is a no-no in red pill circles. Most manosphere writers go on and on about thinking with the “lizard brain” or the “monkey brain”, like it is just a given that we all sprang from rocks and have vestigial thinking patterns left over from our faaaaaarrrrrrrr past. I think the problem is that it’s fun to think like that, one can lose the moral and spiritual part of sex and just get on with putting pegs in holes. Reading a few of the PUA sites will tell you they, definitely, like to get quickly to monkey business!  Any person that suggests that casual sex is immoral is considered a “blue pill’ thinker by the PUA crowd. There are some manosphere writers that are based on the idea of a Designer; dalrockfree northerner and ROCATM are a few that I’ve read.

Athol Kay, who I mentioned before (MMSL), has a very balanced and successful approach to monogamy. Reading his blogs, books, andimages-16 lurking on the MMSL forum, one can see the success his approach receives. Not just for him, but for the marriages and relationships his method is pulling back from the brink of disaster! Athol says he uses the laws of  “evolutionary psychology” (is there any two more “fuzzy” sciences out there?) to base his teaching on, he is a self-proclaimed atheist (although, when he was younger, he was “churched”, even went to bible school, hmmmm…). It is strange, to see that the main themes of his approach are all found in the Designers guide book! The man must be a masculine leader, the woman should submit to her man, women need to be loved, men need to be respected; it’s uncannily the same! While the churchians have spent the last four decades kissing feminist tail and making their church services Oprah friendly, the pagans and atheists have stolen the Designers blueprints and ran with them! Any church types out there should hang their heads and scuff their toes, just a little.

images-3There is only one path that each must trod, if your going to find a mate, the couple must trod that path in unison. The Designer made it that way. Is this so hard to accept? Each sex is one half of itself, meant to be one, always yearning for the other, into infinity. The Designers guide is very detailed on the doings of mankind. There are stories of degradation, redemption, generational backsliding and warfare. Miracles in the guide are not as prolific as one would think. All content in the guide narrows to the flow of a single idea, man’s relationship with the Designer. And in all of this prophesy and poetry there is very little spoken about the male/female sex relationship! Our society uses sex for everything from curing boredom to selling cars, and prattles on endlessly about it.  The rules the Designer set out, you could write on a single sheet ofimages-4 paper. Easy to understand, extremely hard to accomplish. Once a person clears all the static broadcasted by our modern culture, the guide is clear, it only needs to be read.  Here is the scoop on men and women, as I understand it.

Man was created first, woman was created out of a man to be his helpmeet. The union of the two halves is a plan of the Designer.  Contrary to popular myth, sex was not inherent in the original deviance, rebellion against the Designer was; sex simply followed mankind into disarray. After the original deviance, where mankind became his own master, the Designer laid out what to expect (otherwise known as a curse; or should that read, “course”).  Man would earn his bread (living) by his sweat (no more garden utopia). The earth would fight him (thorns, weeds, weather, etc.) instead of being under man’s control. That was man’s curse for listening to the woman, she listened to the destroyers lies and deviated from the Designer’s plan and the man followed her lead.

images-10The woman was told she would conceive and deliver her children in pain, and she would desire (want to overtake) her husband, but he would rule over her. Whew! Heavy huh? I can hear the screams of rage from here!  NO it CAN NOT be like that! Sorry, it is, nobody likes it, men or woman. In this new progressive world, for every woman that will not, FOR DAMN SURE NOT, submit! There is a man saying, “no way, I’m not going to lead, that’s for suckers”, men going their own way. And yet; and yet when you shake a civilization down to its base, that is what you find. Man earning (fighting for) his living (survival) and women depending on men. If your fuzzy on this latter dynamic just remove the social safety net (say the electrical grid fails), things get savage, and women hunt for themselves the best position possible. Men just have to hunt, if both are to eat and survive. Mankind can find itself on the wrong side of eden in a hurry, our veneer of civilization is thin indeed.

Monogamy was always the plan, I know polygamy has always played a role, so has divorce, but the Unknown-8designer designed us for monogamy; and he designed us for infinity. Doing it like animals, or doing it with animals (or any other weirdness) just takes us further into deviance. See the guide for further details. Amid the rest of the guide one finds ideas about what men and women look for in a relationship, women look for love and men look for respect. Each is charged with giving those things to one another, freely, and unconditionally. Sex is a given, each “owns” the others body. I said it was simple, but extremely hard to accomplish. Man is the leader (he desires it deep down), that is his responsibility, and the woman must follow (she desires it deep down); that’s her responsibility. The man is responsible (if necessary) to die for his woman, (women and children to the life boats!) and woman must allow men to lead (father knows best, because I said so!). None of this is easy, the Designer never claimed it to be.


images-11So this is what I have found, I have slogged through the effluent of the culture, via the internet. I have read and studied the writings of feminists and manospherians  alike, and nothing has changed. Our culture heaves in one direction then another, all throughout history. There is a war on, the destroyer looks to drive a wedge between the sexes. Closeness to the Designer is to be found in the union between the masculine and feminine. The destroyer wants to blur masculinity and femininity, producing mannish women and girly men. In this generation the masculine is waking up, only the Designer knows if it will be in time. Will men lead again? Lead in wisdom and humility? But lead none the same? Some will, may the Designer bless you on your journey. In my meanderings through the manosphere/red pill world, I saw a great hope; it was the women. Women who greatly desired a MAN, a man who will take charge and lead! And yet I shouldn’t be surprised, holding out for a hero comes natural to real women.

To those still reading, if all you wanted was “my take” on modern gender issues, you can stop reading; well done. To those in whom I woke a yearning, a yearning for the message of the guide, I will continue. The complex conflation between the sexes is only one problem mankind has to bear. The main problem is deviation itself. We have deviated in so many ways, and we can’t solve it, but the Designer did. I gave no images-8code word for the Messiah, I didn’t want to, He has many names, I’ll use Alpha/Omega. He  promised to save us from the original deviance, He has always been in the picture. He came once to the earth, and we killed him. It was a conspiracy between government and religious powers (and the destroyer), it was humanities fault, and the Designers victory. See the guide for details. Yes I am talking of a saviour.  How many institutions, movements, revolutions, religions, ideologies, etc have claimed the status of “saving” humanity. Why not Alpha/Omega? He was willing to die, and His teaching is easy, his burden light (simple). I know there have been many who have done wrong using his name, He said it would be so (even a hindu, Ghandi, liked Christ but didn’t like christians). If you stare into history, and think about the moon rocket picture above, remember that it was a culmination of the best of western civilizations accomplishments. Western civilization was built on the concept of the Designers path (and the saviours redemption), our forefathers accepted that world view, and look where they went. Western civilization (politicians, scientists, mathematicians, fathers, mothers, etc) worked under an understanding of a designer and redeemer, searching for Him in the clockworks of his design; and look at what they accomplished. We have, as a society, left that road; and the Designer.

So where, might I ask, are we headed now???????

If this has upset you, simply put the paper back under the rock, and continue you on your journey. May your path lead you to the Designer before long.

Unknown copy










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Well, in the last post I tried to give a realistic view of today’s feminist influenced monogamy, don’t look to see this on Oprah. I realizedimages-3 that I haven’t talked about mating outside of monogamy, those temporary liaison’s so prevalent since the sexual revolution. For the most part I’m not going to talk about it that much. The only interesting change is that men are at best “self-gratifying pigs” for doing this, if not outright rapists, and girls are somehow empowered by experiencing temporary trysts. Grrrrl power cannot allow “slut shaming”. I don’t think anybody wins here, humans are pair bonding creatures, regardless of gender.

Unknown-1On that note, lets take a look at how our society is being changed by the new paradigm of mating in the 21st century. The female side of things is reported in the matrix often, but how are the men doing? Women are still angry, frustrated and victimized by the “patriarchy”. The state of traditional marriage is in shambles, and the western birthrates are at dangerously low levels. If one is watching the matrix, there is a theme that pops up amongst all the angry rhetoric of the feminist claptrap. That theme is, “where have all the good men gone”. Let’s take a look at the manosphere to find some clues as to where they went.

The male response, unlike the female, is not centrally controlled. There is no unified direction that men are taking in response to western female derision. The response to women from men can best be described as a controlled shrug. There are multiple unifying movements, but they are not necessarily  in agreement with one another. I can’t include them all but generally they are:  pick-up artists (PUA’s), men’s rights advocates (MRA’s), men going their own way (MGTOW) and then the various red-pill marriage advocates (RPM’s)


images-5As near as I can tell, these are the guys (Pick-Up Artists) who went first. Tired of the lies about “feminine images-2mystique” and the raw deal for men in the marital union, they shrugged. They decided that there was no point to being a nice guy who gets divorced and cleaned out. These men opt for learning to “game” women into a union of much, much less permanence. These are not the stereotypical leisure suited bar flies with a gold chain and a killer pick-up line. These are men who genuinely like women, and enjoy spending time with them. They love the chase and study girls, learning how to get females to desire the idea of a quick fling. But they go no further than that, most are honest with the girls.

The old saw about how women are  complicated and mysterious died a quick death, women are actually very simple creatures. Find the right (politically incorrect) buttons and girls are literally putty to be moulded, and the PUA’s prove it again and again (and make money selling books, courses, etc).  Theimages-7 concept of “game” was born, and the techniques, theories, and concepts debated/discussed endlessly. Now, don’t think for a minute that I’m advocating this lifestyle as a good thing, all that gaming, banging, subsequent break-ups etc, should give anybodies soul a case of the moral dry heaves. The fact remains, however, that the feminist version of how men should act, and, how women are morally superior, is bovine excrement. Once the dirigible of “feminine mystique” went down in flames, the rest of the feminist matrix began to look as fake as it really is, and many other male voices began to be heard.


images-1Men’s Rights Advocates are much more political. These are often men who have come out the other end of the divorce meat grinder. Stripped of wealth, vilified, and sometimes jailed images-12for the crime of being male, they are trying to work within the system for legal equality. I know this is hard to believe,we are so brainwashed that only females can be victims; but many a man has been ruined by our present system. I refuse (in the google age) to go all reputable journalist and quote sources, but I do believe a father lit himself on fire outside a gov’t office, because he was caught between the rock of unemployment and the hard place of “deadbeat dad”. These groups have a hard time getting traction in our society because there is no political capital in helping men, it’s not part of the narrative written into the matrix. If it was just a case of cultural apathy it would be bad enough, these groups are routinely attacked as bigots and woman haters. The true colours of the feminist establishment come out when these men try to speak out. At a university in Toronto recently, one of these men tried to hold a meeting, it had to be cancelled due to packs of vulgar, screaming, violent, feminist harpies “protesting” the “hatred of women”. Check it out on youtube, its not hard to find the “hatred”, but it’s all directed at men.


The (Men Going Their Own Way) title pretty much explains the attitude of these guys, they don’t care about mating, they’re doing their own thing. Work a job, buyimages-2 copy toys, travel, enjoy life. Live your life single and enjoy the freedom, and lack of stress, since these commodities are almost non existent in todays feminist version of relationships. These guys are not monks, but they are not going to chase the girls, and won’t commit to any permanent mating bond. You know the old saying? “Women; can’t live with ’em, can’t……………..” they just leave it right there, they are living without them. Surprisingly, the strongest vitriol in the feminist narrative is aimed at these guys. On a logical level it’s hard to understand the feminist anger, these fella’s just want to say adios to the old system of “manning up”, and enjoy a quiet single life; why the animosity from feminists? It is logical though, it’s imagesabout power. The guys chasing women can be controlled through sex, even if only temporarily; for a few hours. The men trying to change the system, and balance political or legal systems can be controlled with the media, judiciary, educational or government machinery. MGTOW’s can’t be controlled, yet. Look for some kind of greater tax penalty on the single male in the future. This sector of disenchanted males are also the ones with the most effect on society, let me give an example. In Japan sixty percent of men under thirty have no plans to marry and reproduce, they call themselves “herbivores”. The combination of Japanese culture and western feminism, it would seem, is not desirable to creating a male that wants to “settle down”.  These guys don’t want to get in there and compete to succeed, they are happy with quiet jobs, video games, and pornography. Not only is this disruptive to a society (Japan has been a leader in innovation and production), there are hardly any babies! Japan’s population is aging and there are few replacements. Alarm is spreading within the halls of Japan’s intelligencia. I’ve seen some info that the Netherlands are almost as bad, but they are bringing in immigrants that have no problem with culturally forcing women into the role of baby factories (not that that is a good thing).


Red Pill Marriage advocates, this group is the most diverse, but I’ve lumped them together. These guys are calling for a change in the images-12whole idea of marriage, and they are not wanting to turn the clock back to the 50’s. We cannot go back to a time where men brought home the bacon while women kept the house, we don’t have that luxury. Both spouses have to work to pay the bills and the taxes, the household chores have to be done on weekends, and nobody gets met at the door with their slippers. These thinkers have looked at the present marriage mess, cherry picked the ideas from the other movements, and come up with marriage 2.0. RPM boiled down to it’s essence has come to the following conclusions: a) men and women are NOT the same b) feminism has created an entitled female psyche hostile to men c) women not only need male leadership and dominance, they crave it, and lastly d) no woman (who hasn’t swallowed the red pill) will ever admit to any of this. The philosophy comes down to male leadership within the relationship. Use every game technique you can to attract,(and keep) your wife, know your legal standing at all times, be ready images-1to go your own way at any time (more fish in the sea and all that). These attitudes and techniques give men the sense of masculinity and leadership that women crave; giving the lion back his roar so to speak. For men, gaining the properly balanced attitude of “outcome independence” and masculine aggressiveness is quite a challenge. Some red pill thinkers advocate a total alpha male mindset, if she doesn’t like it, next her. Others call for a more balanced red/blue pill approach, alpha leadership combined with “beta-male comforts”. All agree that the current feminist approach to relationships is out of touch with reality, for both men and women; except on Oprah. Some red pill advocates base their stuff on evolutionary images-6psychology, others on traditions of the past, and some on just what works; all agree that what we have now, doesn’t work. What are the lies of the modern approach? here’s a few: women don’t get hot and bothered by a man doing dishes, women aren’t really interested in men’s feelings (especially if they make him look weak), men don’t really need to get in touch with a “feminine side”, a couple can never be 100% equal (someone will always be in charge); that’s a very tiny sample.

In Conclusion

It is the RPM’s that I spent the most time looking at, they seemed closest to a reality that could actually be embraced by the majority of the male population. Probably the best site I found on this was Athol Kay’s Married Man Sex Life, followed by Ian Ironwood’s Red Pill Room. If you want to overview the other flavours of the manosphere a good site is viva la manosphere. None of this stuff is bang on, some of it isimages-2 downright poisonous. There are many men out there who feel burned by societies feminist version of marriage, that the game is rigged against them, and mens voices are not heard. The content of much of the manosphere is filled with hurt and bitterness. The mainstream matrix has vilified masculinity, so the the manosphere is pushing back.  All the information has a ring of truth, at least in as far as showing the matrix for the soul stealing lie that it is. To anyone who is up on this stuff I’m covering really old ground, but if you’re a mainstream matrix consumer, I’m a bomb throwing anarchist. Magazines, newspapers, television, VHV-2039government, churches, movies; they all sing from the matrix song sheet. The manosphere is shouting out of the darkness, and trying to strike a light to the lies. Some are trying for illumination, others are hoping to spark a destroying fire.

In my last post on this topic (for now) I will try to shed light on what I know to be truth. It is what know to be truth, decide for yourself. I will boil everything down to the bones of reality and show that the same pot of bones has been around since the beginning. If you don’t like what I have to say, put my paper back under the rock, and continue your journey for the truth.Unknown copy




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images-3Ive started writing this post half a dozen times and ended up deleting and re-starting. The problem is not that I don’t know what to say, but that there is just too much to say; I have a tendancy to start writing on a line of thought that will not be finished until a 1000 words are used. I have decided to break this idea into 3 posts, I’ll need at least that much to do the topic justice.

I am going to write this as if my audience knows nothing of “the manosphere” and “red pill relationships”. There is no way I can give you a full picture of what is going on in just these few scribbles, but it should give a neophyte a rough idea, and some cautions before jumping into other blogs on the manophere. This is my understanding of the present day mating game.


Women are angry, they’ve been angry for a long time, and there is no end in sight to their anger. I realize that this is a huge generalization, but if you pay images copy attention to the cultural matrix, women’s anger is what comes through. Their anger has been there so long that we just except it as normal, a hundred years is a long time to march, shout, and blame men for all women’s problems. It started out as women’s suffrage, they wanted to vote, ok that’sUnknown-1 fair.

Then it was the “women’s liberation movement” and women demanded to be able to…..I don’t know, force their way into all the gentlemen’s clubs? Have the freedom to spit and cuss like men? Tear all the “no girls allowed” signs off of the boys tree forts? I am being facetious, women wanted to be “equal” with men, or at least that is what they said.

Somewhere along the way it changed from woman’s “liberation” to feminism. No humour here. Feminists not only want to be equal, they want to be more equal than men. I don’t know about you, but anytime something is defined as an “ism” I get nervous. Then it’s not a philosophy, the idea transforms into an ideology. A matrix of lies then begins to weave a narrative that is backed up with politics, and the philosophy seeps into the culture; or maybe its the other way around. Change is being forced into the population, the men grumble but go along with it (“alright already! can we have some peace now? How about a piece now.”)

Unfortunately peace is not part of the matrix, it doesn’t fit the narrative. Women, through feminism, have gained the status of theUnknown permanent victim. A victim that is morally and intellectually superior to her victimizer. This is a position of power. The power to both enslave women, and use force on their behalf, falls into the hands of those in control.

Who is in control? anybody that can talk the narrative of the matrix can use its power, that is why political correctness exists. I think it’s great that women can follow their dreams, there should be no rules to what a female can naturally achieve. Unfortunately the matrix has warped the “natural” out what a woman can achieve.

Unknown-2The narrative has been forced on women until it becomes what women “should” achieve.  The matrix has forced the feminine to become more masculine, but has maintained a death grip on the concept of the “feminine mystique”. The culture has been changed by the radical few, and any woman who wants to be “traditional” is ridiculed as a simpleton; if not a traitor. The real problem lies with the radical core of feminism, rather than the average woman who feels she is fighting to maintain her status. This poisonous core is entrenched in academia and behind the levers of power within the halls of government and justice.

The writings of these radicals is downright scary, they truly hate all that is masculine and wish to destroy males at all levels. These hate filled women and their philosophies are like a rusty drum of toxic waste in a strawberry patch, their ideas seep and poison all that is good. Are women happier now? It would not appear so. Areimages-8 women really liberated? I don’t know, ask a women who HAS to go to work just to make ends meet. Do women really respect the men who went along with these feminist ideas? In a word, no. The majority of women are still attracted to the strong, confident (even cocky) male persona, more on that later.


Men are confused, and becoming frustrated. Men are being attacked at all levels and have been for generations. Little boys are mostly raised by their mother, nothing terribly wrong there except the feminine matrix marginalizes the role of fatherhood. From Fred Flintstone to Homer Simpson, fathers are portrayed as bumbling idiots that would be lost without feminine wisdom. Not just cartoons, the entire culture is geared toward marginalizing men and dishing out grrrrrrrrl power with a six pronged fork (for my rurally challenged readers; that’s a fork for shovelling livestock excrement ). Magazines, movies, books and television all sing from the feminist song sheet, and men are being taught to always question themselves.

Lets go back to our little boy, now starting school. Odds are his teacher is a female, nothing wrong with that, but, the entire system is designed with girls in mind.images-5 Boys thrive on active competition, they like it rough. Girls are not so keen, at least thats what the matrix says. Boys and girls must be always together lest anyone think they are not equal, but lets not get rough, that promotes violence. I am not making this up, schools are banning dodgeball as being “too rough and dangerous”, or something to that effect. This is not a good male environment, boys couldn’t even have “boy” scouts to themselves. Boys are being denied thier own gender, the women are deciding what boys are to be. Mostly young boys are treated like dysfunctional girls, and drugged if they’re too restless. But we are just getting started into the vortex, lets take the jump to puberty.

In puberty this concept of “equality” begins to fray badly, at least in the idea that equality=sameness. Hormone soaked teens are well Unknownaware that there is something unique about the opposite gender. Now, however, the matrix uses a bullhorn to make sure that if anything bad happens it must be caused by the male, because girls are gentle, sweet, and wise; boys are rough and violent. How else can you explain this new slap at men, this sucker punch, known as “rape culture” Ponder what it says; men promote the rape culture, because only men can rape. This is unbelievable bigotry. To get a proper perspective just change the gender smear for a racial one.

What if blacks were told to stop promoting “theft culture”, Mexicans told about “sloth culture” and asians schooled in “bad driving culture”. Rather an outrage is it not? It’s a cowardly, backhanded way of generalizing hatred into; all blacks are thieves, Mexicans are lazy, and asians can’t drive. Its hateful garbage, and so is “rape culture”. The majority of men know what they would like to do to any guy who gets his sick jollies out of violently attacking a female; just integrate the prisons (let the general prisoners get at the rapist prisoners) if you need a demonstration. But there is now a problem, the feminists have changed the concept of rape itself.

Unknown-2Now our young lad in college enters the murky world of females that are brimming with grrrrrl power, and a moving definition of “rape”. At one time “no meant no” but then it changed to “yes might mean no”, if she “feels” intimidated or has had a drink. It really can mean that if the party angel feels regret the next day, it’s a good chance it was rape. But ourUnknown young guy is very respectful, he’s a “nice guy”. That is what he knows, to be a “nice guy”, the entire cultural matrix has assured him, that this is what females are looking for.

He has learned to suppress his inner “he- man”, because he has been told it is rough and violent, nothing a modern female would want to be around. He has been taught to jeer at the archetypical “50’s” male. You know, the man as a protector, leader, and provider. He has been taught to treat women as “equals” and to ignore all differences in thinking between the sexes. The girls all like him, as a friend, he can talk to them as equals just fine; the girls tell him he will make some lucky girl happy one day.

Our young man watches as these same girls go gaga images-1over the school jerk, the guy who brags in the locker room about all the chicks he’s banged. These girls all take turns becoming a notch on the jerks belt, sure that this time their feminine powers will tame the beast, and are dumped for the next one in line. The girls cry, and feel used, they were sure that it was love.

Culturally trained nice guys are confused by this behaviour. The overly cocky jerks break the equality rules (by treating girls as conquests) and are rewarded with female adoration, the nice guy treats girls with utmost respect and becomes nothing more than a shoulder to cry on. Lets suppose our nice guy muddles through the school years devoid of both rape charges and lasting relationships, and gets a job.

The guy is now making money, finding a place to live, doing all the things a man needs to do to say he’s a full fledged “man”. Our guy Unknown-3would like a mate to share his nest with. He wants a girl he can feel complete with, share with, be open to; and he’d really like to have sex on a regular basis. He might even want a financial partner, a task sharer, a social companion, a mother to bare his children; and he wants to have a lot of sex. His frustrations are poured into his vocational pursuits and financial accomplishments, but he still can’t seem to score a significant other. Finally one day it happens, he finds his “soulmate”! At least that’s what his girl tells him, and she’s sweet and kind. She’s told him she’s been looking for a guy just like him, she’s done with all the jerks and has finally found her “nice” guy. Happily ever after should now ensue, according to the social matrix.

images-10Since we’re now involved in their union we can hope true love ensues, but the odds are not favourable. Marriage has a coin toss chance of lasting and no one keeps track of the “lets move in together” demographic. We then have to lump in cheaters, swingers, and the ploddingly miserable unions, to get a picture of how the matrix has messed up the natural act of mating. As much as the matrix touts the women-as-the-victim, the modern version of divorce sees the males at the short end.

Women now cheat as often as the men. Women initiate divorce at a higher rate than men, and are encouraged to do so with culturally glamorous eat-pray-love style “frivorces”. Push comes to shove (literally)images-2 and all the gal has to do is dial 911, most police services have an “arrest the male” policy to domestic violence. Restraining orders against men are handed out easily in “domestic violence” cases and children are routinely awarded to the mother in divorce proceedings. Child support is almost automatic and alimony is possible, but the fathers role is marginalized by the matrix, he might not be able to see his own children. If the man misses his support payment he’s jailed as deadbeat dad, if the wife makes false abuse claims, it may take years to see his kids. Nobody is winning in this brave new matriarchy.

I know that I am painting with a push broom here, and sound like I am angry at all that’s female,  but that is not the case. The majority of females out there are suffering just as much as the males. There has to be a reason that women are not happy in a union that they agreed to, and seemed to be what they were attracted to in the beginning. Could it be that they were craving a “real” man to hold and to have them? Maybe a natural female wants images-1something beyond the plastic bobble head of “equality” and desires to be cherished? To be swept off her feet by a powerful masculinity? (If in doubt, check book covers in the romance novel section, nary a “metrosexual” type male to be found) Is it possible that what women are missing is a confident, masculine “leader-protector-provider” type male?

Masculinity is disappearing, feminism has seen to that. Nobody is winning here, except the man-hating, social engineering femi-nazis; many a feminist harpy is making a goodimages-1 living on the carcass of the patriarchy. The point is, that society was started on a feminist path decades ago, and the light at the end of the tunnel has the realistic quality of an oncoming train.

So now we have a rough view of the present situation, where is it taking us? What is some of the fallout from the nuked “patriarchy”?  In the next post we’ll explore that question, and take an outsiders view of how males in our present society are adapting. We’ll do some exploring of the manosphere, at least enough of it to get a cross section of its psyche. And no, you won’t have to wait months to get the next post, as I’m writing all three before I release the first one. In the last post I will attempt to bring truth, and leave a paper under a rock to guide those who are truly searching for clarity, and hope.Unknown copy


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I’M BACK- With old excuses and new ideas

I really don’t have any good excuses as to why I haven’t posted ALL YEAR. With the busyness of a job plus being half-arsed farmer, time just flies. You can’t do it all. Only so many hours in a day and so many days in a month.  It’s tougher when you live on the land in western Canada, I’m serious. In this country when it’s not snowing you better be nose down and arse up cause there is little time to plant, weed, cut firewood, do construction, work land, fix fence, landscape, etc, etc. I counted the days last spring between last snowfall and the first mosquito, it was exactly 4 days. Like I said, things happen fast on this part of the planet. If things are not happening fast it means they’re frozen. So yes, my life has been ruled by my “to-do” list since the end of last April. In mid-summer we have long hours of daylight.  The sun brightens in the east by 4:00 AM and its still light enough to work at 10:00 PM, and it just doesn’t feel right to be sitting in the house at a computer when there is much to do and daylight’s a burnin’.  Thinking, writing, reading, and editing all take time; and none of it gets the potatoes hilled.  These are poor excuses, I know, especially since another winter has also come and gone with no writing done. No more excuses, on with it.

I’ve been cogitating and researching and brainstorming.  I have been searching for a central theme to anchor this blog on, or at least a high percentage of my images-3posts.  I kind of tried anchoring with the “grinding your own wheat in a wonderbread world”  idea, the concept of taking responsibility for finding real truth instead of getting spoon-fed artificial (or at least highly processed) “truth”  by a lying mainstream media, corrupt politicians and vacant, pretty faced celebs. It’s a good analogy, one should take responsibility for the furniture that takes up space in the mind, somehow “grinding your own” didn’t tell the whole story.  The mainstream version of “truth” is more than just random stupidity, much of it has an agenda of societal  control.

Many of the social engineers in our culture do not see truth as an elusive nugget to be found in the silt of life, but rather something to be constructed to fit their model of how life “should” be.  Truth can stand on its own, but lies need to be constantly propped up  with more lies (unless statistics can be used). The mainstream busybodies very much follow a nazi maxim; ” if you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough the people will believe it” and “people will believe a big lie ahead of a small lie”.  Just because a person wants to believe something is “true” doesn’t make it a reality.  These thoughts were in the back of my mind while I was in the early stages of putting something together about the effects of feminism on our culture, and I stumbled unwittingly into the “MANOSPHERE”.  I tried to keep going and put my post together, but I was drinking from a fire hose and stalled out completely.  Sprinkled liberally throughout that thing that calls itself the manosphere was the analogy that I sought, it comes from the movie “Matrix”, the red pill/blue pill concept.

d4E4YThe Matrix concept fits perfectly. Do you want to live in reality? Take the red pill (truth). Do you want to continue to live in the made-up world of the matrix? Take the blue pill. The red pill  is harsh and uncomfortable. The matrix (blue pill) is  alluring but vulnerable; a dream conjured to control the masses. One must choose.  Most often the red/blue pill is used (within the manosphere) to explain the cognitive dissonance present in the arena of male/female relationships.  It is truly astounding how far from reality our society has fallen in the marital arena, no wonder our ability to reproduce (and nurture our offspring) has taken such a hit. No wonder our divorce rate is so high.   Men and woman are angry at each other, we’ve been sold a pack of lies about relations between the sexes and the survival of our society is in peril.  My next post will explore this red/blue pill concept of relations between the sexes, kind of a “what the heck is this all about” post.  However I think this “reality vs matrix” analogy has much more mileage, and can be used to explain truth in many other areas of life.

I am also going to try writing differently. I want to keep my posts shorter and more concise, and try to post more often. I want to explore this red pill philosophy more but also do posts of happenings around the farm and any stories that tie into ideas I have. I want to keep it light and add humour as much as possible, life is too short to not see the funny.  To all who come back to read my mental meanderings, thank you.

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