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PEACE ON EARTH-It was a promise

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Christmas is upon us, the season in which peace is talked about, but so little is understood. Many have seen iuthis on Christmas cards and sang these words in carols. The sentiment is bandied about by those that have so little understanding of real peace. So much cynicism about “peace on earth”, since we have so little actual peace. New wars and battles are erupting as fast as old ones cool down. Terrorism is slaughtering peace way behind any battle lines. Even just daily life can tax any “peaceful” feelings. Its easy to be cynical. Seriously though, is this what was proclaimed by the angels at Christ’s birth? That we would now have peace amongst ourselves on earth?

iuI think WW1 was the biggest watershed for the belief that mankind could forge a lasting peace. They called WW1 “the war to end all wars”, people actually believed that. It was thought that after one more binge of violence, mankind would decideiu-1 that it was better to put our blood and treasure into peaceful pursuits. Education, enlightenment, new ideologies, tempered religions, strategies, technologies, etc would make a lasting peace. Then along came a guy in a funny moustache to ruin the daydream.

images-3Since then “peace”has become a word almost devoid of meaning. The hippies were big on it, using it as a byword, like if you say it enough, and believe it enough, it will magically happen. So many hope for peace, work for peace, spend money on peace, and capitulate as a sacrifice to peace; why can’t we get it? And what iu-3about the supposed “peace on earth” that God promised?  I know many a Christian preacher has staked their sermons to the “peace on earth” meme, and has almost promised that if Christians ran the world we would have peace. So sadly mistaken they are.

“Communism stands for peace!” was heard all throughout the 80’s. The only thing to remember was that the commie definition of peace was when the whole world was communist. “Islam is the 2922294religion of peace”, say so many followers and sycophants of the cult. Just like communism their definition of peace is when the whole world is Muslim. The churchian preachers of theocracy are no better. Much of the world has been run by the “church” in the past, peace did not necessarily follow. So what the heck were the angels declaring at the birth of Christ? If we sing about it and send cards to one another in declaration of it, shouldn’t we understand it? Peace on earth seems far away, or just a dream maybe?

The angels declaring “peace on earth” was not a sophistry, there was no deception involved. It is ourIMG_0986 understanding of the declaration that is flawed. Christ did come to bring peace to all men, and, eventually peace will reign on earth; that is not what the angels were declaring though. The verse is declaring a peace between mankind and our Creator, the Designer if you will. Let me explain.

Mankind was designed to be with the Creator, a closely designed relationship if their ever was one. WE, as a people, chose independence; anarchy from the Designer. Our species became rebellious, it was bad news. You can read the whole sad tale in Genesis. From that time, violence, death, destruction, and entropy has images-6ruled on the earth. The Designer grieves, but cannot allow evil to continue. In this situation, the Designer is also our judge (cue the angry guy with a white beard in the clouds). Actually that picture is silly, we are his creation, he can scrub us as fast as an artist can reach for an eraser. WE, as a people, are cut off from, and in judgement images-1from, our own Designer. You still with me?

The Designer though, still loves us, and wants to salvage everything (and everyone) he can. The designer came up with a plan. HE, would take on the form of a man, show us how to live, then be sentenced and crucified; thereby fulfilling both the judgment and sentence. The slate was now clean, the record expunged, and the entire thing chronicled for anyone to read. All we are expected to do now is believe. We now have a way back to the Designer, one he paid the ultimate sacrifice for. Faith, believing in His sacrifice is all that is required.

iu-6That is the peace that the angels declared at the birth of Jesus, peace between men, and the Creator. Christ came to earth to die, that mankind may live, we only have to believe. In this season I may not see peace on earth, I can grow apprehensive about more violence in the future, but I can have perfect peace between myself and the Creator of the cosmos. I can have that images-7peace because I believe that over 2000 years ago, a baby was born in Bethlehem. He was born of a virgin, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. He came to die. For me.

Merry Christmas to all, peace on earth, good will toward men.25



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MUSLIMS-Why can’t we all just get along?

Ok, I haven’t written in my blog for awhile. It is my blog after all, so add whatever lame excuse seems _mal153_54002481appropriate and lets move on. This title has much sarcasm in it. Whatever. The truth is, so much has been going on in the world since my last blog post I can hardly keep up. I’m writing this in the aftermath of the Islamic invasion of Europe (oops, I meant a migration of poor refugees finding help in the west) and the savage killing of french people in Paris by Islamic warriors (for the religion of peace; err something like that).

The thing that is bothering me about the whole mess is the response from my own culture. We have one side that wants to nuke isis on their home turf, and the other side saying not all muslims are violent, so lets ramp up the rhetoric about racism and tolerance and fight the iusavages with big dollops of western guilt trips. Both ideas are wrong. Nuking a country after all their fighters are past the gates is just stupid, this is not WW2 where each side is fighting under a flag, and the strongest nation wins. ISIS has no “home country”. This is a war of cultures. And we are losing. Badly. I believe the experts call this fourth generation warfare. We are losing because our identity with our own culture is sick. We have stopped believing in ourselves.

The west has an identity crisis, we are not sure if we are good enough to challenge others belief systems. That’s noble and all, but suicidal. The muslim culture that has declared war on us is convinced they are better; even chosen, by”allah”. This attacking muslim culture is all but spitting in our facesiu-13 while giving that declaration. Their mullahs preach it, their children are steeped in it, and their warriors are training for it. YOU, are the great satan doncha’  know. The woman of the west shall be their concubines, our girl children shall be their wives, and our boys shall die for their “allah”. Is this too hard for you to understand? These violent and extreme mohammedans can’t make it any plainer for you.  Think I’m all xenophobic and bigoted? It is iu-12THEY who are declaring it! I’m not making this stuff up. I have a hard time believing it myself. I’ve listened to hippie music too ya know. I love the idealism of teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony. Growing apple trees and snow white turtle doves is all well and good, until youimages-3 are faced with a people who are steeped in hatred from the crib, determined to rape and kill for a god from an ancient cult. The honeybees shall be enslaved along with your grandchildren; and all hippy music will be outlawed.

Trying to compare mohammedans to Christians is also stupid. Mohammed copied stuff from both Judaism and Christianity when he formed his sick cult. sharia-barbaric-liberals-shilling-for-sharia-political-poster-1283943535.gifChristians are not slavering to chop off unbelievers heads. The evil crap done by Christians does not have the backing of Jesus Christ, that’s rather plain if you care to read what He said. Mohammed, however, started out by “spilling the blood of infidels”.

Saying Hitler was a christian means less than nothing. The nazis didn’t turn Jews, homosexuals, JW’s and gypsies into bars of soap under a flag of Christ. A form of socialism was the order of the dayimages-13 for that movement. Saying that Mussolini was a christian is like saying mussolini ate tomatoes, he was a dictator under a flag of ideology, not religion. Lets stop all this fruitless hippy crap and focus on the problem, shall we?

The western culture, after much success in lifting the masses to unforeseen heights of freedom and riches, has been taught to hate itself. Not going to go into why, just stating a fact. We question ourselves endlessly on matters of race, gender, pollution, history, beliefs, freedom, wealth, etc. All good, it’s iu-5important to question; don’t want to get proud or anything right?  All the while we forget to pull the camera back and see how great we really are. The very fact that we have the time, wealth, and freedom to question ourselves; MAKES US A GREAT SOCIETY. A society worth saving, a culture worth fighting for. I will refrain from going on about how our foundations are (and always will be) set on philosophies that are predominantly Judaeo/Christian, lest I offend the angry iur-1atheists. The point is that our culture CAN allow many different ideas to cohabit together. The question for you to decide- can all ideas live in peace? What if one idea wants to stomp out all others?  As horribly as possible? To scare any other ideas right out of your head? Sound familiar?

I will address the other argument I hear. This is one I approach with more sensitivity, as much as I can muster. Not-all-muslims-are-like-that, is the easiest way to say it, and it’s true. To which I must say, so what. We must not judge? But if we want to to survive, we must. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater? Maybe. To take on this challenge, mistakes will be made and some innocents will suffer, that goes without saying.iu-4 Is survival of the Western culture worth it? That is the hard question, a question that must be answered. Forget the hippy dream of tolerating muslims till islam changes, you are an infidel, you (and your silly ideas) are to be subdued under sharia law. The muslims openly declare this. Muhammed iu-10started his cult by spilling innocent blood, grew his cult by spilling innocent  blood, and his “true” followers are still spilling innocent blood. Do you have a nice muslim friend or neighbour that you’re convinced wants (with all their heart) to be a good citizen? I’m sure it’s true, so what. When the “extreme” muslims take over, his head will be bobbing on the carpet long before yours  (or your head will be displayed on a fence before that maybe). It’s a hard thing, but a trueiur thing. The “extremists” among the muslims seem barely challenged by the “moderate” muslims. I suspect that the “moderates” are bankrolling the “extremists”, that’s the “other” way to get to muslim “paradise”. We must try to be fair, but always keep watch out of the corner of our collective eye.

So what does this look like in actual day-to-day life? Here is some bullet point bluntness:

2922294STOP bringing muslims into our countries! Hold off and evaluate for a couple of generations! Let the oil rich muslim nations look after the poor “immigrants” and “refugees”. Start bringing in the real refugees from Sweden and France as they fall under the black flag of sharia law. Yes, we must “profile” people, get over it already.

ZERO tolerance for “extremism”. If a mosque is found withiu-9 “extreme” literature, bulldoze it. If terrorists are discovered (and no doubt involved) execute them. If there is reasonable doubt (like cooked up maybe), incarcerate or deport them as “suspected terrorists”(if another muslim nation will take them)

ARM and TRAIN citizens of our nation to fight terrorists, iu-8think Switzerland, when everyday people (or a percentage of them) stop being unarmed cattle, the killing will stop. These “extremists” live for the glory of the big slaughter, not being popped by a Joe citizen after only three rounds can be fired from his AK-47. Besides, let’s face it, terrorists are cowards.

STOP allowing muslims to bully our culture, allow them toiur-1 wear what they want and eat what they want on their own time and their own dime, do not allow mohammedans to dictate to our culture what we can, and can not do; bacon anyone?

WE must make them respect our culture, NOT the other way around. I mean, hey, they can always find another culture under sharia law; if that’s the only way they feel iur-2comfortable.

I can hear libtard heads exploding, it makes a noise like “racist” “xenophobe” and “bigot” all mixed together, I don’t care (remember this tactic when called a racist by thought challenged libtards- just say, “I don’t care,” and move on; gotta get rid of PC bullshit somehow) . The world of unicorns and rainbows was a drug fantasy left over from the sixties, it died under a hailimages-2 of AK-47 bullets and bomb vest shrapnel. Its time to swallow the red pill on this issue. It’s time too look at the problem objectively. This age has become one in which to keep our faith strong, blades sharp, and powder dry. Too bad. According to history, this is not the first time the western culture has had to deal with muslim “extremists”. Maybe our forefathers can speak to us from the past. Maybe it’s time to listen to them.25


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FEAR- and it’s consequences


images-16The sheep graze contentedly on the green hills and by the clear stream. Some of the sheep are in groups, and others wander to greener patches on their own. All was well with the mix of ewes, rams and lambs. Then the trucks roar up, some big and some small. Men start disgorging from the vehicles and unloading fence panels, others unload dogs and whistle to get them in order. The men and dogs head for the green pasture.

Some of the sheep put their heads up and feel alarmed by the entourage heading their way, most sheep continue to munch the green grass. The men, followed by their respective dogs, begin to break up and go in different directions. As the men encounter the first groups of sheep, they whistle again, and the dogs race forward; barking. The sheep immediately go on instinct, and find more sheep to lose themselves in. The sheep are not truly terrified, they would have scattered in bleating terror if a wolf pack had descended on them. The dogs, however, invoke a deep response in the sheep. The dogs are wolflike, but not a perilous danger, the sheep just move away toward other sheep. The gathering has begun.

As the sheep begin coalescing into one flock, some groups break away and make for the brush, or some other avenue of escape. Shrillimages-1 whistling from the men bring multiple dogs faster than lightning, the group is turned back to the flock. Sometimes a fractious ram will charge one of the dogs, intent on removing the dog as a threat; a wasted effort. The elusive dog can stay out of the ram’s charge, then dart in and nip him, drawing the ram further from the flock. Once the ram is away, other dogs are called in, and the ram becomes enamoured with the idea of returning to his group; he feels his job has been done. Soon the entire flock has been surrounded and herded to the portable corral.

As the flock is moved to the gates, they become frightened, they don’t want to enter the unknown corral. The dogs are called to edges, barking, and keep the flock in a steady push to the corral. Once a few sheep have entered the iron fold, the majority pour in like a flood. By the time the last groups enter it is almost a relief to them, they are joining the flock, and that means safety and comfort. If you have identified with the sheep, we can only hope that the corral leads to a simple shearing and dip, and not to becoming lamb chops and scotch broth soup. In the end, one never knows, when your a sheep.


images-5That was an opening about fear, and how it is used for control. People can be controlled by fear, just like sheep. Real danger is an actual wolf, something that will tear your throat out. The fears we are talking about are yapping dogs, only a hint of real danger, or only a danger to a few. If the entire flock charged the dogs (and men) they would be powerless to stop the run for freedom, only some sheep would get bites or nips. It is the herd instinct of the sheep that is their doom, and the fear of the dogs. Let’s look at some yapping dogs of fear. How about terrorism, disease, financial ruin, crime, racism, war or threat of war, fearsome? Smaller yapping dogs could be something like pollution, job loss or chemicals in the food supply.

We all desire to be safe, we want our future to seem assured and pleasant, in reality there are never any guarantees.  Controlling our own destiny is what we crave, and fear constantly gnaws at our illusion of control. A person can be healthy and happy and going about their day, feeling they are in control of their future, then it all changes in an instant. A traffic accident, heart attack, or terrorist dirty bomb can change life trajectory so suddenly that any control one had is seen as the illusion it always was. We can try to drive carefully and keep healthy to avoid heart disease, but there are always the vicious diseases, vicious individuals and  just the viciousness of life itself that shreds ourimages-9 sense of control. Mankind has always wanted to control his/her own destiny- that is the root of the problem.

If an individual is afraid, they want the feeling to go away, they want that illusion of control. People will trade things for this illusion. They will pay money for insurance, buy emergency equipment, purchase firearms or give away their personal freedoms and votes to a despotic leader. Governments at all levels know this. If a local government wants to raise taxes, and people clamour, politicians threaten to shut down the police or fire departments. Keep fanning the flames of fear in a society and people will beg the government to look after them, trading their freedom for security. As Benjamin Franklin said, those that trade their freedom for security, deserve neither.

The main stream media (msm) (the matrix) seems to like helping this process along. The msm loves to whistle up those familiar dogs of fearsome yapping. Diseases, terrorism and crime are reported in all the gory details, seemingly always on the edge of chaos, with more government and stronger laws the only solution given. I would die of shock to see an msm player calling for individual responsibility and personal courage to combat life’s adversities; they used to! Politicians of all stripes know how to Unknownwhistle and which dogs to whistle to. The current admin in the states runs on the policy of  “never letting a crisis go to waste”, don’t they? To make a people afraid is good, to make them afraid and confused is even better – people then give consent to control by “experts”.  You know those men, those…Top. Men.

Unknown-2The true experts on the controlling power of fear is, of course, terrorists. The stock and trade of the terrorist is, of course, terror. But how is that supposed to work? If a political group blows up a bus full of children how is that supposed to work toward their cause? Wouldn’t the opposition, filled with loathing and righteous anger, become a more fearsome enemy? It doesn’t seem to work that way, not in the west in this day and age, we become afraid. Once we become afraid of a group (that wants to blow up our children) we subconsciously desire to “identify” with them, to try and “understand” them, to find common “middle ground” with them. Meanwhile another building is blown up, this time a busy coffee shop, and the horror continues. Constant fear causes a short circuit in the brain, logic goes out the window, emotions rule the day. It is a phenomena called “Stockholm syndrome”, look it up.  The terrorist groups often have a political wing that is non violent, the mouthpiece if you will. This clamouring mouth keeps talking about how people need to bend more, be understanding, tolerance is demanded. Another group of innocents is sacrificed. The terrorists hit and fade, the mouthpiece condemns the attack, and calls for more understanding and tolerance. Slowly people give in to the terrorists’ demands, just to make it stop. Fear now rules. But not   Unknown-1all controlling fear comes from bomb toting wing-nuts of bad religions and cults, some fear is very low grade and beneath the surface. It is a subtle but very controlling fear. The fear of not being with the herd.

It is as if this fear were the most important to groups, sheep or men. The dogs would accomplish nothing with their nipping and yapping if the sheep simplyimages-11 scattered, or strove to a single goal of leaving in one direction. It’s the fear of losing your flock, herd bound, they call it in horses. Humans have it too, in a more sophisticated way, to be sure. We fear the flocks opinion of our originality, the opinions of those close to us have an unbelievable power. Just like sheep, we are herded, always wanting to be with the herd, even if we are leading. Those brave rams that marched out of the flock to do single battle, were brave, when it was about beating up a dog. When the herd begins to leave, however, he is compelled to follow. Think on that, you brave ones, molehills can become hills to die on and mountains worth taking are abandoned like anthills on a plain. This is the power of political correctness. How many brave voices have fallen silent when shamed with accusations of racism? How many leaders marginalized by calls of supposed sexism? It is the power used by a disgraced ideology, who’s hands are stained with the blood of millions. This is not a flock you should wish to join, political correctness is not a hill to even bleed on. Political correctness is the dying gasp of a utopian fantasy, believed only by morally retarded people; naive unto destruction.  A belief touted by morally diseased wolves, wearing tattered sheep costumes.


images-7   We’ve been talking about directed bombs of fear, aimed at our weak points. Here are the targeted areas. We fear on a base level, all the time, like the  roar and gurgle of a glacier fed stream. The constant fears of death or abandonment haunt our existence. To live is to fear, that is our inheritance, it is no mystery. Fear is imprinted on our soul’s DNA, we are a broken creation, doomed by the decree of materialistic scientific law. The entire universe is dying, very slowly, but dying, all the same. Manyimages-14 before us have died, some too young, and/or for the wrong reasons, they died none the less. We are all going to die, why the fear? Men control populations of slaves through the fear of death, yet all men die, right? It’s as if we have to live for something worth dying for, to combat the fear of death itself. To live for reputation, fame, or continuity; dulls the reality of death. It dulls the reality, but does not eradicate it. To live for glory, honour, or evolutionist based programs guaranteed to last a thousand years, can haze the dread of individual death.

People pay to be shocked with death, miles of gruesome blood soaked horror films attest to that. A mindless jolt of fake death in a theatre numbs the soul to the reality of death itself, makes millions, I sh*t you not. We worship what we fear, and in worship there is power. Nothing I have said is nonsense, it litters our history, as humans. We have forever been ruled through fear, many cults, religions and imagespolitical powers have ruled through the fear of death; and ultimately worshipping death itself. God help us, right now men are ruled by mobs, pretty lies, and a failing “social contract”! Sounds bleak, I know, but we’ve been here before, as a people. What will rule us? fear? of what? These are questions that must be answered, if one is to seek clarity.


images-12That’s a lot of build up, I know. Visions of nazis and supra naturally crazed dolls, knifing Larry Kruger in a funhouse full of chainsaw wielding pumpkin murderers; chanting redrum. OK. So I don’t know horror films, no time for them, life is scary enough. Really, history books have enough horror for all, and the lessons are included. The Designer has been completely involved with history, He threw in a few miracles for consideration. His guide has much to say about fear,Unknown-1 care to know what it is?  He actually has no build-up, fesses up with the most important lesson first, fear Him. Oh he really has much more to say about fear than just that. Much more. Wrote the book on it you might say, I call it the guide. One must delve a little, to find truth.  Study, and learning is important, but the essence of truth can be lost in a religion, history gives a thumbs up on that one! But a small essence of truth can also lead to an understanding of truth Itself, and that is important. Is it any wonder history has been drummed out, or dumbed out, of our public government schools? History is a key, a key to the door of understanding, not all use this knowledge for good. That’s why the ruling elite get a classical education, absolutely guaranteed to be riddled with the lessons of history. Keys to power, power through fear. A history that is more dotted with gruesome revolutions than evolutionary enlightenment; fear usually steering the helm. We need guidance. Oh yeah, the Designer also said perfect love casts out all fear. Heavy, I know, the concept of perfect love? Get real. Yeah, He also said that He”IS” Love. Probably the reason the establishment wants HIM drummed out along with history. The guide is full of stories of courage, courage in the face of fear, courage rewarded. The Designer understands the power of fear.


“My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge”, said the prophet Hosea, let’s learn. Let’s study fear itself. There are different types of fear. The fear of destruction, like you would fear a poisonous snake or a starving mama bear with two cubs and a bad case of haemorrhoids. A totally understandable fear. The fear of the uncanny, like a ghost in a dusty mansion or a zombie from the grave, see the difference? The next fear, the fear of the numinous, might need more explanation. This fear is higher, it is about awe, this fear obliterates our own intellect and ego. The fear of the numinous is an all consuming fear. When the Designer says “fear me”, this is the fear he is talking about; it is foundationalimages-2 to understanding anything. Fear of the Designer is the beginning of wisdom, choke on that red pill.

The actual fear of destruction is a big snarling dog, it is used daily in the news. People are herded right now by tiny yapping mutts, the fear of disproval from their peers. This mutt is mostly delusion, derived from popular media, it is nothing. But it keeps the fearful close to the herd. As the gathering continues, bigger fears will continue to arise. Fears of mass destruction, the environmental movement is a classic example. The movement started out cleaning up our environment, and has become a political propaganda machine of the totalitarian left. Give carbon credits to communist China or destruction of the planet will ensue, or that is the essence. The movement has its own way of voicing it’s bovine excrement. Science can barely predict the weather for three days, let alone three decades.  I wish environmentalists would go back to cleaning up local creeks.

271_(2)Do you see? watch the popular news. Terrorism, ebola, nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, political takeover, national debt, stock drops, precious metal shortages, lines at grocery stores, end of government benefits, water shortage, man made global warming, the next ice age, race war, wwIII, zombie apocalypse, dogs and cats living together; fear is/are the yapping herd dogs of the ruling moron class. To listen to it is to be herded. Individuality is a defence. Quit listening to propaganda and learn for yourself, read the guide, work toward fearing the Designer, not the stupid dogs. If you do that, you might know when to head for the hills, or the designer might bring the hills to you.

If you rebel at the idea of the Designer it’s ok, I understand, but look at fear from the outside of the popular misconceptions; the pagan vikings had to find a handle on fear. They had a religion that did not get much beyond the importance of dying with a sword in the hand, but still stumbled on a truth. Hat tip to Ninety Miles From Tyranny

We must live beyond fear, if we are to live at all. It is hard though, fear is pumped through the media hourly. Ebola, terrorism, foot’n’mouth disease; you get the picture. The masses are craving leadership, they are looking for bravery, and clarity. There are bound to be many false shepherds. Be a wise sheep. The true shepherd, Alpha/Omega, says his sheep know his voice, and he was willing to give everything for His sheep. Check Him out. Learn to quit fear like the nasty habit that it is. Or tuck this paper back under it’s rock and go be afraid somewhere else. Psalm 23, the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.







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