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I apologize that I haven’t added anything here since 2015, you might say I lost focus. I must have started at least 5 posts that I never never finished, one post I almost completed (and I wished now I had) was a prediction of what the Trump presidency would look like, and, ultimately what it would mean. The problem was I didn’t want to do a political commentary type blog; there are so many of those. I also was plagued by a lack of “mission focus” for my writing.

I spent some time in reflection and then decided to try again. About that time I also became intrigued with a new communication medium; podcasting. I made the decision to try it out, a very steep learning curve ensued. So if you are still keeping half an eye on this blog hoping I’d come back? Well, head over to www.anomicranger.com and check it out!

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PreviewWinter is coming! Winter is in full force actually, so I thought I would write about it. This post is dedicated to all who read my blog from Brazil. Big shout out to those in Brazil! I’m1280px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg not jealous of your climate at all! You lucky,lucky………..never mind. The reason I’m highlighting Brazil is because you are third in my reader stats, fellow Canucks make up my largest readership (how’s it goin’ eh?), and the Americans are second.

The topic of winter is interesting, it’s a challenge to explain to people from warmer climes how life enveloping a cold climate can be, it wants you to die. Really, winter tries to kill you, everyday. A typical Canadian winter is like a national disaster that lasts for 5 months straight, every year. The idea of winter is on every Canadian’s mind, even during a July heat wave. Winter is always coming, or your living through it.

IMG_1105Not every Canadian understands winter. If you live an urban Canadian lifestyle, never getting too far from natural gas heated malls and electrically lit, plowed and salted streets (salt is to melt ice); winter is a frosty weasel that bites your a** between the car heater and the pub door. A large number of Canadians are unprepared to meet winter on it’s terms. I see folks in the middle of a snowstorm getting out of cars wearing shorts and running shoes, shivering as bare flesh meets frigid air, totally in denial. I know this is the age of forced air heat, warm transportation, and cell phones; but the cold is a patient killer. Small mistakes can take away fingers and toes, large mistakes can take your life. The small mistakes are caused by frostbite, where flesh freezes solid. The life stealer is hypothermia, where your core temp drops below the organ failure limit; say g’night Gracie.

I will get to a couple of my own stories about frostbite and hypothermia, but I’m mostly wanting to talk aboutUnknown some of the little details about living in the heart of the cold, dark, north. Think about it, how would you live if you knew that a hurricane was going to hit your home on a date within three weeks; every year. Ok, a hurricane is more violent than winter, a gas leak maybe? Something that happens every year, is subtle, very sneakily dangerous, and lasts for 5-6 months. Your life must change for that time; how you think, dress, plan, and even live are hostages to violent weather. A blizzard can shut down everything, winter is usually a speed bump, but a bump  that can grow into a mountain range. I will try to explain, but as I carve these ideas into individual thoughts, realize that they blur together in a cold, northern, climate.


Unknown-2Darkness is a fact of life in a Canadian winter, it’s 5:10 PM right now and its been dark for an hour. It’s not the darkness per se, I’ve been near the equator and experienced dark at 6:00 PM, it’s not the same. When its warm and dark, the darkness caresses you like a lover. Warm breezes ruffling light clothes, the moon over salty waves. The darkness adds mystery to life; a romance if you will. In the imagesnorth, COLD darkness is like a sociopathic killer, waiting in the shadows, stropping it’s razor collection. The darkness combined with the cold become a phycological gargoyle that haunts; not a mysterious lover that stimulates.

I can only imagine what my ancestors went through, braving a long cold winter with only a cabin, a wood stove and flickering oil lamps to keep the cold and dark at bay. Before the age of the stoves and lamps, think of the Unknownmental muscle required by the indigenous peoples of the north. An entire community huddled around an open fire in a spruce bough shelter, surviving on moose meat and pemmican; for many months. In those days death held his bony hands to the same fire, a constant companion to all.

The coal fired plants pumping electric juice through a network of wires, and the pipelines shooting gas energy to all who can pay; makes life livable in a northern climate. Modern building materials and technologies push old manUnknown-3 winter out of spaces that become swimming pools and indoor playgrounds. Yes it is artificial, yes it is industrial, and yes it is energy intensive. Any person living in this climate that B000JO9440-1-smparrots the anti-industrial mantras of the so called “environmentalists” needs to reboot their reality processor.

The dark can add another unhealthy element, vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is produced in the body when skin is exposed to sunshine, even when one can get out in the sunshine, exposed skin can freeze; not conducive to sunbathing. The lack of light can bring about S.A.D (seasonal  affective disorder), listlessness, depression etc. Wide spectrum lights are sold to combat this (another need for that darn electricity)


Yes it is, very very dry. When one thinks of dry weather it brings to mind a deserts; cactus, sand, and the burningUnknown-1 sun. The cold, however, can suck the moisture out of the air just as quick as parched sand and burning sun. In a cold climate, all available moisture freezes, and is locked in the frost and snow. Cracked skin and bloody noses are the order of business in extremely cold weather. Wood shrinks and cracks. Static electricity from vehicles and carpets can ad a shocking element to winter. Our northern peoples, the inuit, used to slather themselves in fish oil to combat the extreme dryness of winter.


The blizzard is just a snowstorm; on steroids. High winds and heavy snow, and cold that can steal the breath fromUnknown-1 imagesthe lungs. The snow is so thick you can’t see very far, sometimes just a few feet in front of your face. The snow comes from the sky and the wind picks  up lose snow from the ground, the world becomes blindingly white; the whole world. There are stories of men getting lost and dying traversing the familiar distance from their house to their own barn. In more modern times the blizzard can humble all our modern technology. Roads drift shut, power lines come down, even rail service can grind to a halt. Modern cities have been temporarily paralyzed by a bad blizzard.


I can’t paint the whole picture as bad. There is an extreme beauty to winter, and a lot of fun to be had in the snow.images-1 The snow covered hills and hoar frost sparkling like diamonds in the trees looks beautiful, especially through a window, while sitting in front of the fire. The cold air brings a rosy to the cheeks, and an invigorating energy to get the outside chores done quick, so one can get back to blissful warmth. The elements add an extra cozy to the act of cocooning; and cuddling! Skiing, skating, sledding etc all require snow and cold to accomplish, and images-5nothing is comparable to winter sports. The cold is a challenge and a curse, but it has its pleasurable side.

I like living in this country,  northern winter is an extreme season, but it gives a definite punctuation to a year. Most outdoor work must be done before winter, the snow covers unfinished projects and shouts “you’re done with this, go in and read a book now”! Most of the worlds pests can’t stand the cold climate, poisonous snakes, nasty big bugs, even big rats; can’t hack it here.  It almost compensates for having to shovel snow, at least for the first six snowstorms.


Ive had the experience of having to work in the bush in extreme cold, it’s not fun, one must be careful. Hurtingimages-3 yourself, getting wet, getting lost; they can all be death sentence in winter. Usually when it is extremely cold, there isn’t a breath of wind, the silence is almost deafening. The only sound is the “squeak-crunch” the snow makes underfoot when it’s bitterly cold. An occasional booming crack echoes through the bush as an odd tree splits from expanding sap in the trunk. The moisture from your breath frosts on your eyelashes and hair tips, and inhaling to big of a breath can hurt, as the frigid air steals warmth from the lungs. It’s best to be out with others, so you can watch your partner’s faces for the waxy white spots that tell of frostbite on the skin.

UnknownThe worst frostbite Ive seen was on the toes of my son’s friend, after a few hours of outdoor skating on our lake. The boys were having fun, even though it was very cold, and they stayed out too long. By the time they came in his toes rattled on the floor like marbles when he walked, we were worried. At first the lad thought it was funny, after a few minutes soaking his feet in warm water to draw out the frost, the “funny” stopped, he was in extreme pain. Frostbite causes the moisture in the cells to burst and circulation is impeded. Lucky enough, he didn’t lose the toes, just all the skin on the tips, bad enough. Once a person gets frostbite, circulation never returns 100 percent, and one is more susceptible to frostbite next time.

My only encounter with hypothermia happened to a fellow forestry worker who was from Jamaica. I don’t know if his genetic origin had anything to do with his susceptibility to the cold, maybe he just wasn’t dressed good enough, or had skipped breakfast that morning. This didn’t even happen in winter (it was early May), but we were at a high elevation and it was windy and sleeting (mix of snow and rain). At first he was complaining, his oaths barelyimages-2 perceptible through his chattering teeth. I kept telling him to just be tough, we had to get the job done so we could go back to camp, I almost missed it. He stopped complaining, his teeth stopped chattering, and he started acting funny. His words were slurring slightly and he kept dropping things, I suddenly realized what was happening, he was slipping into hypothermia.

I had read about this, and had been trained as to what to do, but we were in a bad spot. we were on a hillside cut-block, no shelter for a long ways, I decided to head for the ATV’s and get back to camp. I made him munch down some granola bar, then helped him down the hill. Thankfully it was only a 5 minute ride back to camp, where I made him get out of his wet duds, then crawl into his sleeping bag. I brought him some hot chocolate and he recovered. I probably didn’t do things absolutely right, maybe we should have found the closest sheltering trees and built a fire, if camp would have been further away I would have. The other thing I’d been taught is to strip down the victim, and yourself,  and crawl into a sleeping bag with them, warming the victim with your body heat, I wasn’t going there unless he was half dead!images-4

Unknown-1I could write much more of the curses(and magic) that is winter, from beautiful frost patterns on windows to how tired one gets of having to “bundle up” just to walk out the door, but you get the idea. To get more of the emotion of winter, look up the poetry of Robert Service, he spent much time in the far north; and fell under it’s spell.

……..Talk of your cold! through the parkas fold it stabbed like a driven nail. If our eyes we’d close, then the lashes froze, till sometimes we couldn’t see; it wasn’t much fun, but the only one to whimper was Sam Mcgee… 

Taken from The Cremation of Sam Mcgee, by Robert Service

P.S. Oh yeah…..The people that have the delusion of man made global warming? they can kiss my winter chapped, winter bleached, frost bitten, goose pimpled, Canadian a………never mind.25


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INTO THE LIGHT-part 3 of 3

That title, to many, will seem presumptuous. I don’t feel that way. This post will anger many people, most will not read it to the end, yet I Unknown-1can write this post with more confidence than my butchered overview of the manosphere. I can write with confidence because I am quoting wisdom that has guided mankind for thousands of years. This wisdom has not always worked perfectly, because people are imperfect, and the knowledge/wisdom has been applied imperfectly. Keep that in mind as you read. Many people today have a hate for christianity that is truly surreal, most can’t differentiate between churchianity and christianity. The failings of christians are front and centre while the benefits (to society in general) are never spoken of anymore. I am not here to defend christians, churches, or organized religion of any sort. I am merely going to give an overview of the guiding principles (as applied to male/female relations) that is found in the old and new testaments of the christian bible, very successful societies found them invaluable. Before I can embark on this endeavour, a little bit of deprograming has to take place in your mind. In fact, the deprogramming is going to take more words than the actual sharing of wisdom. This deprogramming will take mental exercise , keep that in mind as you read, or you will just get hostile and quit before the end.


bh63pAt this point I am going to change some titles and names, this is a favourite trick of the “progressive” left so I feel no guilt in doing it. I am going to do it because christian jargon triggers animosity in many people before their brain even kicks in. By changing the jargon you may have a chance to think, “hmmmm, interesting”, before becoming dismissive. Lets start with God, bad trigger word there! Conjures up images-1pictures of an old, bearded, judgemental curmudgeon who throws lightning bolts and curses at people who just wanna have fun. Not sure why people think that way, probably a mixture of old paintings, folklore and guilt; but i digress. Just accept, for the moment, that He is the creator of the universe, and is a marvellous engineer and artist. Lets call him the Designer, so, God=Designer. Moving on now to sin, does that sound like fun? Actually that is what a lot of people think, that sin is fun, forbidden fun. But sin gets us in trouble, not just with a grumpy god, actual trouble. Lust? Std’s, unwanted babies, and soul scars. Gluttony? Excess fat, liver disease and heart trouble. You get the picture. Lets say the Designer laid Unknown-2out the rules for a reason, so sin is a deviation from the design parameters. If you bought a brand new laptop and decided it was ok to fry bacon on it, you would have no one to blame but yourself when your machine stops functioning; you have deviated from the design of the machine. Sin=deviate, and a sinner is a deviant. Still with me? It would behoove me to talk about a Designer without also mentioning a destroyer.  I won’t call him a devil or satan, etc lest you conjure up images of horns and hooves. The destroyer does come into the picture, he hates the Designer, and he hates everything the Designer built, including you. So now we have a design, a designer and a destroyer. A destroyer who causes a deviation from the original design in order to cause destruction, sound familiar? I could do what so many other christian types do at this point, and start talking about Adam and Eve, but I won’t; much.Unknown-5 We are talking about a life philosophy interwoven with stories, poetry, prophesy, history and genealogies. If you had to write a manual that would speak throughout history, a guide so to speak, that would relate to all genders, races, ages and cultures; how would you do it? It has to explain why things are the way they are and direct a path through life. I think the Designer did it perfectly, so bible=guide. Whether the early stories are mythology is a mute point for our purposes at the moment. I’m not going to become a “guide thumper” here, and you agree not to be a “guide skeptic”, and we’ll just move ahead.


So we have culled all those who blindly hate “religious stuff” and now I’m going to slough off a bunch more readers. For this to be given an honest “think” you have to deprogram that competing mythology; evolution. I can hear the roar from here, EVOLUTION IS SCIENCE images-15YOU IGNORANT _______(fill in the blank). Yeah, yeah, I beg to differ, but I don’t have the space, time or inclination right now. Here is a sampling of some cliche’ sayings to really get ya goin’. “How can blind chance make a seeing eye” or “how can nothing turn into everything”,had enough? To those who haven’t stormed off in a foaming rage, ya gotta admit, at its base, evolution is a type of mythology; a really boring mythology. Evolution says that all life sprang from rocks, it just happened reallllllllllllly slooooowwwly. This all had to happen while breaking the laws of REAL science (e.g. law of entropy). You can spend much time on this topic, research the rest of your life, and you’ll never get away from faith. Believe in the stories told by men who dig up old bones, or believe in what it says in the guide. For us to go on, lets just call evolution/design competing theories. Why does a person have to deprogram evolution? Because evolution is being applied to everything, and its a crappy theory. Social evolution, cultural evolution, legal Unknownevolution, language evolution is all being hailed as “good” and even “desired”, and that’s dangerous. Its not that things don’t change, only an idiot would think that, but not all change is good. images-2Evolution states that we started in the muck (ground up rocks) and we got bigger, better, smarter!  Let’s just evolve faster till we’re on the deck of a starship and exploring the universe! (*cough*mythology*cough*). What we actually see, is human society going through troughs and peaks. We have had amazing societies before, it’s not technology that fails us, it’s the human heart and mind. Step down the path of the Designer for a moment and look at the difference. The designer made it good and we broke it, we deviated from his design parameters and we’re broken. We aren’t going to fix that with science/technology, and were not going to get better outside of the designers plan for getting better. Period. Its not that I don’t stand in amazement at what man can do with his hands, and brain. We can rip materials from the planet and form machines that can peer into a cell, and form other materials into machines that fling men to the moon. Don’t think for a minute that we can’t lose our technological abilities, it’s happened before, check out a history book.


images-5Your still here, and you probably want to know how this all fits into male/female relationships? You may not realize that many of the people I alienated (by disparaging their belief in evolution) are avid red pill/manosphere types. Talking about the Designer, and pushing evolution to its rightful place as a quasi-religious belief system, is a no-no in red pill circles. Most manosphere writers go on and on about thinking with the “lizard brain” or the “monkey brain”, like it is just a given that we all sprang from rocks and have vestigial thinking patterns left over from our faaaaaarrrrrrrr past. I think the problem is that it’s fun to think like that, one can lose the moral and spiritual part of sex and just get on with putting pegs in holes. Reading a few of the PUA sites will tell you they, definitely, like to get quickly to monkey business!  Any person that suggests that casual sex is immoral is considered a “blue pill’ thinker by the PUA crowd. There are some manosphere writers that are based on the idea of a Designer; dalrockfree northerner and ROCATM are a few that I’ve read.

Athol Kay, who I mentioned before (MMSL), has a very balanced and successful approach to monogamy. Reading his blogs, books, andimages-16 lurking on the MMSL forum, one can see the success his approach receives. Not just for him, but for the marriages and relationships his method is pulling back from the brink of disaster! Athol says he uses the laws of  “evolutionary psychology” (is there any two more “fuzzy” sciences out there?) to base his teaching on, he is a self-proclaimed atheist (although, when he was younger, he was “churched”, even went to bible school, hmmmm…). It is strange, to see that the main themes of his approach are all found in the Designers guide book! The man must be a masculine leader, the woman should submit to her man, women need to be loved, men need to be respected; it’s uncannily the same! While the churchians have spent the last four decades kissing feminist tail and making their church services Oprah friendly, the pagans and atheists have stolen the Designers blueprints and ran with them! Any church types out there should hang their heads and scuff their toes, just a little.

images-3There is only one path that each must trod, if your going to find a mate, the couple must trod that path in unison. The Designer made it that way. Is this so hard to accept? Each sex is one half of itself, meant to be one, always yearning for the other, into infinity. The Designers guide is very detailed on the doings of mankind. There are stories of degradation, redemption, generational backsliding and warfare. Miracles in the guide are not as prolific as one would think. All content in the guide narrows to the flow of a single idea, man’s relationship with the Designer. And in all of this prophesy and poetry there is very little spoken about the male/female sex relationship! Our society uses sex for everything from curing boredom to selling cars, and prattles on endlessly about it.  The rules the Designer set out, you could write on a single sheet ofimages-4 paper. Easy to understand, extremely hard to accomplish. Once a person clears all the static broadcasted by our modern culture, the guide is clear, it only needs to be read.  Here is the scoop on men and women, as I understand it.

Man was created first, woman was created out of a man to be his helpmeet. The union of the two halves is a plan of the Designer.  Contrary to popular myth, sex was not inherent in the original deviance, rebellion against the Designer was; sex simply followed mankind into disarray. After the original deviance, where mankind became his own master, the Designer laid out what to expect (otherwise known as a curse; or should that read, “course”).  Man would earn his bread (living) by his sweat (no more garden utopia). The earth would fight him (thorns, weeds, weather, etc.) instead of being under man’s control. That was man’s curse for listening to the woman, she listened to the destroyers lies and deviated from the Designer’s plan and the man followed her lead.

images-10The woman was told she would conceive and deliver her children in pain, and she would desire (want to overtake) her husband, but he would rule over her. Whew! Heavy huh? I can hear the screams of rage from here!  NO it CAN NOT be like that! Sorry, it is, nobody likes it, men or woman. In this new progressive world, for every woman that will not, FOR DAMN SURE NOT, submit! There is a man saying, “no way, I’m not going to lead, that’s for suckers”, men going their own way. And yet; and yet when you shake a civilization down to its base, that is what you find. Man earning (fighting for) his living (survival) and women depending on men. If your fuzzy on this latter dynamic just remove the social safety net (say the electrical grid fails), things get savage, and women hunt for themselves the best position possible. Men just have to hunt, if both are to eat and survive. Mankind can find itself on the wrong side of eden in a hurry, our veneer of civilization is thin indeed.

Monogamy was always the plan, I know polygamy has always played a role, so has divorce, but the Unknown-8designer designed us for monogamy; and he designed us for infinity. Doing it like animals, or doing it with animals (or any other weirdness) just takes us further into deviance. See the guide for further details. Amid the rest of the guide one finds ideas about what men and women look for in a relationship, women look for love and men look for respect. Each is charged with giving those things to one another, freely, and unconditionally. Sex is a given, each “owns” the others body. I said it was simple, but extremely hard to accomplish. Man is the leader (he desires it deep down), that is his responsibility, and the woman must follow (she desires it deep down); that’s her responsibility. The man is responsible (if necessary) to die for his woman, (women and children to the life boats!) and woman must allow men to lead (father knows best, because I said so!). None of this is easy, the Designer never claimed it to be.


images-11So this is what I have found, I have slogged through the effluent of the culture, via the internet. I have read and studied the writings of feminists and manospherians  alike, and nothing has changed. Our culture heaves in one direction then another, all throughout history. There is a war on, the destroyer looks to drive a wedge between the sexes. Closeness to the Designer is to be found in the union between the masculine and feminine. The destroyer wants to blur masculinity and femininity, producing mannish women and girly men. In this generation the masculine is waking up, only the Designer knows if it will be in time. Will men lead again? Lead in wisdom and humility? But lead none the same? Some will, may the Designer bless you on your journey. In my meanderings through the manosphere/red pill world, I saw a great hope; it was the women. Women who greatly desired a MAN, a man who will take charge and lead! And yet I shouldn’t be surprised, holding out for a hero comes natural to real women.

To those still reading, if all you wanted was “my take” on modern gender issues, you can stop reading; well done. To those in whom I woke a yearning, a yearning for the message of the guide, I will continue. The complex conflation between the sexes is only one problem mankind has to bear. The main problem is deviation itself. We have deviated in so many ways, and we can’t solve it, but the Designer did. I gave no images-8code word for the Messiah, I didn’t want to, He has many names, I’ll use Alpha/Omega. He  promised to save us from the original deviance, He has always been in the picture. He came once to the earth, and we killed him. It was a conspiracy between government and religious powers (and the destroyer), it was humanities fault, and the Designers victory. See the guide for details. Yes I am talking of a saviour.  How many institutions, movements, revolutions, religions, ideologies, etc have claimed the status of “saving” humanity. Why not Alpha/Omega? He was willing to die, and His teaching is easy, his burden light (simple). I know there have been many who have done wrong using his name, He said it would be so (even a hindu, Ghandi, liked Christ but didn’t like christians). If you stare into history, and think about the moon rocket picture above, remember that it was a culmination of the best of western civilizations accomplishments. Western civilization was built on the concept of the Designers path (and the saviours redemption), our forefathers accepted that world view, and look where they went. Western civilization (politicians, scientists, mathematicians, fathers, mothers, etc) worked under an understanding of a designer and redeemer, searching for Him in the clockworks of his design; and look at what they accomplished. We have, as a society, left that road; and the Designer.

So where, might I ask, are we headed now???????

If this has upset you, simply put the paper back under the rock, and continue you on your journey. May your path lead you to the Designer before long.

Unknown copy










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