This blog started out as an idea to try and pass some wisdom onto my adult children, of whom I am proud of and have faith that they have wisdom of their own. Both my children married wonderful spouses of whom I had the providential opportunity of teaching in sunday school. Both of my children were home schooled and on occasion I would find myself  in a teaching position almost hourly. Life changes and things move along. However some things don’t change, the majority of life’s issues are recycled from generation to generation and though the wrapper is different the content would be recognized by the ancient as well as the modern soul. Life, love, home, freedom, children, laughter, money, God, taxes, on and on. We live in a culture that thrives on novelty and would very much like everyone to truly believe that the old must be thrown out to make room for the new and better. I do realize that the world is  a blur of change in the technological arena and that in the idiots parade of modern entertainment, change is a mantra. I just think that since so many of life’s issues cross time and tide we all need to look for wisdom where its found , you won’t find it in our modern culture. I am beginning to suspect that if wisdom were beans one could starve to death in most of our present day colleges and universities, and as for government ,we won’t go there. Possibly, God willing, you can find the wisdom you need in a note under a rock. Put the note back when your done so other life sojourners can decide for themselves if it’s wisdom or foolishness. If the ideas on my papers  offend you simply put them back under the rock and move on, life is too short to waste it being angry at a mere scribbler. God Bless.

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  1. KP

    Oh yes! Amen!

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