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To Anybody still coming back to this blog,

I apologize that I haven’t added anything here since 2015, you might say I lost focus. I must have started at least 5 posts that I never never finished, one post I almost completed (and I wished now I had) was a prediction of what the Trump presidency would look like, and, ultimately what it would mean. The problem was I didn’t want to do a political commentary type blog; there are so many of those. I also was plagued by a lack of “mission focus” for my writing.

I spent some time in reflection and then decided to try again. About that time I also became intrigued with a new communication medium; podcasting. I made the decision to try it out, a very steep learning curve ensued. So if you are still keeping half an eye on this blog hoping I’d come back? Well, head over to¬†and check it out!

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