PEACE ON EARTH-It was a promise

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Christmas is upon us, the season in which peace is talked about, but so little is understood. Many have seen iuthis on Christmas cards and sang these words in carols. The sentiment is bandied about by those that have so little understanding of real peace. So much cynicism about “peace on earth”, since we have so little actual peace. New wars and battles are erupting as fast as old ones cool down. Terrorism is slaughtering peace way behind any battle lines. Even just daily life can tax any “peaceful” feelings. Its easy to be cynical. Seriously though, is this what was proclaimed by the angels at Christ’s birth? That we would now have peace amongst ourselves on earth?

iuI think WW1 was the biggest watershed for the belief that mankind could forge a lasting peace. They called WW1 “the war to end all wars”, people actually believed that. It was thought that after one more binge of violence, mankind would decideiu-1 that it was better to put our blood and treasure into peaceful pursuits. Education, enlightenment, new ideologies, tempered religions, strategies, technologies, etc would make a lasting peace. Then along came a guy in a funny moustache to ruin the daydream.

images-3Since then “peace”has become a word almost devoid of meaning. The hippies were big on it, using it as a byword, like if you say it enough, and believe it enough, it will magically happen. So many hope for peace, work for peace, spend money on peace, and capitulate as a sacrifice to peace; why can’t we get it? And what iu-3about the supposed “peace on earth” that God promised?  I know many a Christian preacher has staked their sermons to the “peace on earth” meme, and has almost promised that if Christians ran the world we would have peace. So sadly mistaken they are.

“Communism stands for peace!” was heard all throughout the 80’s. The only thing to remember was that the commie definition of peace was when the whole world was communist. “Islam is the 2922294religion of peace”, say so many followers and sycophants of the cult. Just like communism their definition of peace is when the whole world is Muslim. The churchian preachers of theocracy are no better. Much of the world has been run by the “church” in the past, peace did not necessarily follow. So what the heck were the angels declaring at the birth of Christ? If we sing about it and send cards to one another in declaration of it, shouldn’t we understand it? Peace on earth seems far away, or just a dream maybe?

The angels declaring “peace on earth” was not a sophistry, there was no deception involved. It is ourIMG_0986 understanding of the declaration that is flawed. Christ did come to bring peace to all men, and, eventually peace will reign on earth; that is not what the angels were declaring though. The verse is declaring a peace between mankind and our Creator, the Designer if you will. Let me explain.

Mankind was designed to be with the Creator, a closely designed relationship if their ever was one. WE, as a people, chose independence; anarchy from the Designer. Our species became rebellious, it was bad news. You can read the whole sad tale in Genesis. From that time, violence, death, destruction, and entropy has images-6ruled on the earth. The Designer grieves, but cannot allow evil to continue. In this situation, the Designer is also our judge (cue the angry guy with a white beard in the clouds). Actually that picture is silly, we are his creation, he can scrub us as fast as an artist can reach for an eraser. WE, as a people, are cut off from, and in judgement images-1from, our own Designer. You still with me?

The Designer though, still loves us, and wants to salvage everything (and everyone) he can. The designer came up with a plan. HE, would take on the form of a man, show us how to live, then be sentenced and crucified; thereby fulfilling both the judgment and sentence. The slate was now clean, the record expunged, and the entire thing chronicled for anyone to read. All we are expected to do now is believe. We now have a way back to the Designer, one he paid the ultimate sacrifice for. Faith, believing in His sacrifice is all that is required.

iu-6That is the peace that the angels declared at the birth of Jesus, peace between men, and the Creator. Christ came to earth to die, that mankind may live, we only have to believe. In this season I may not see peace on earth, I can grow apprehensive about more violence in the future, but I can have perfect peace between myself and the Creator of the cosmos. I can have that images-7peace because I believe that over 2000 years ago, a baby was born in Bethlehem. He was born of a virgin, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. He came to die. For me.

Merry Christmas to all, peace on earth, good will toward men.25



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LEFTISM-How can anyone think it’s cool?

I can’t quite figure out why leftism is popular these days, why are young people so drawn to it? It certainlyiur isn’t because it’s new, even though socialism seems to be able to repackage itself as such. It isn’t because it’s successful, collectivism in all it’s forms has had massive bloody failures all over the world, throughout it’s relatively short (but violent) history.

stock-photo-socialism-communism-poster-104017136In the past, collectivists gathered under movements, flags, and organizations (they still do on a smaller scale), but when the flags were torn down, or the organizations collapsed, the swing to the left stopped dead. Leftists today hide their power behind hazy “ideas”, thought patterns, and political correctness. Power hungry people know that leftism is a good system to

Under capitalism the poor youth on the left despairs, but under leftism, is transformed (boy on right).

Under capitalism the poor youth on the left despairs, but under leftism, is transformed (boy on right).

control a population, so government institutions (like “public” schools) promote collectivist ideas. Government controlled collectivism gains in popularity with each new generation, it is hidden behind ethereal concepts that hijack themselves into the media, school curriculums, political parties (left and right), etc. This is where the battle lines, I believe, must be drawn; the stupid ideas of collectivism must be debunked. And so we begin. Caution: heavy smells of Unknownburning sacred cows and the popping of rainbow bubbles ahead. If you need trigger warnings you shouldn’t be reading these papers, put ’em back under the rock and back away slowly.

MYTH #1: Leftism is about helping the “little guy” the champion of the “lower classes” (communists call the common people the proletariat)

FACT: Leftism uses the power of the “lower class” to rob, kill, destroy, rape, etc the middle (and above middle) class in order to solidify power and wealth. The uber upper class often funds collectivism to destroy Socialism-For-Dummiescompetition and gain power (think George Soros). Power is power, there’s always some rich dude there willing to throw money at it. Leftist’s “little guys” are pawns in a game that they don’t even know is being played. Poor leftists are like children who think they run the kindergarten building. The welfare “nanny state” is perfect for keeping voting slaves in submission to government control. The “little people” gotta keep those cheques(of borrowed money)from “their”government coming in after all.

MYTH#2: Leftist collective concepts are more sophisticated and intellectual. “The concept of leftism is positively evolutionary dear!”

FACT: Look at the figure head of leftism, Karl Marx. Karl couldn’t even organize his own life and Marx_Engels_2016_zpsia0v4r0ehousehold, he was a loser with a capital “L”. There is nothing “intellectual” when it comes to wielding raw power over people’s lives. As far as the “intelligentsia” of communism went? Lenin called them “useful idiots”. I think that description fits the limousine liberals, Lear jet leftists, and Hollywood commies pretty well.

iuMYTH#3: Leftist concepts will help us live more in tune with nature and give us a smaller footprint on mother earth. It’s those greedy capitalists that are ruining nature and endangering the survival of humanity!

FACT: This is a new one! Historically the lefty leaders didn’tiur give two rips about pollution! Look at all the “smokestacks of industry” in the old communist propaganda. This myth has come about since the 90’s. When the Berlin wall came down (and the myth of a “workers paradise” in the Soviet Socialist Republic was laid waste) The lefty organizations in the west fell apart, no juice, no power. The western communists then forced the leftist cause into the “environmental movement” (commies are attracted to movements, like flies to sh…..; never mind). Seriously, the leader of Greenpeace quit the organization because so many commies came in to ply their twisted politics under a “green”, instead of red, banner. Collectivism has THE WORST environmental record of any political ideology. Only capitalism iu-2can create enough wealth to even have the LUXURY to worry about pollution.

MYTH#4: Greedy capitalism has destroyed the middle class! We must tax the fat pig corporations and distribute the wealth! Capitalism keeps the poor down and favours the rich.

FACT: Show me where we have true capitalism and then weUnknown can talk. Capitalism has been suppressed by government (leftist) intrusion since the early 1900’s. Most of the modern “progressive” wealth management ideas come from the heart of the communist manifesto. Karl Marx was imagesabsolutely sure that if “profit” could be taken from industrial/ commercial capitalists (and distributed properly *cough*), a new age would dawn. Wealth would flow, education would flourish, industry would boom, children would laugh, innovation/ invention would sprout out of people’s backsides, cats and dogs would get along; you get the picture. Didn’t happen, looks good on paper (I read the communist manifesto in high school), but it was a bust.

The problem, as I see it, is  the village idiot, Karl, mixed up “profit” and “wealth creation”; two differentposter32_thumb things. Profit is the prize when an individual figures out how to create wealth. Remove the prize, and, well, who the hell wants to slave into the night, bust their butt, bet the farm, etc on a new way to create wealth for NOTHING! Do it for the common good of all mankind? Please, I can tell the difference between urine and rain on my back. INDIVIDUALISM and FREEDOM are the

engines of innovation and wealth, not some bullsh*t leftist idealism. Even a dynamic genius can fall prey to a going-along-to-get-along  government job; since there is little incentive to go iubeyond the minimum parameters. Hey, I’m working off of historical facts, sorry if that smokes your rainbow.

I know that “the people” need to control super rich corporations and flagrant rip-offs. That is a legitimate role that can be played by the government. That being said, the WORST thing you want is big corp playing patty cake with your government representatives! Think rule of law. If a company dumps crap in a river, they get their corp licence taken away for a time. If a “to big to fail” bank flagrantly rips off a bunch of people, the government sues them on behalf of the people who got ripped off.

This leftist concept of “partnership” and “job creation” that happens between government and industry is why we’re in the iu-1shape we are. Partnership between government and industry was the deal Hitler worked out, you know, the National SOCIALIST party (the NAZI party, in case you were wondering). Any government  that takes money, or corroborates, with industry should be shunned like the plague. Arms length at all times people. To truly have a free capitalistic society the people need hard, not fiat, money. Capitalistic freedom is being tarnished and it doesn’t even have a dog in the fight. Our culture has been in a monetary leftist hellhole now for generations, and the idiot collectivists are crying for more lashes from the same old whip.

iu-3MYTH#5: The leftist movement is a movement of young people that have new and innovative ideas.

FACT: Oh please, this idea is old as the hills and the people that lead it are older than that. I mean come on, Bernie Sanders and Hitlery Clinton? Karl Marx has long since rotted in his grave, these are old chains and old whips. Even if a new and fresh face spouts the old rotten ideas of leftism it’s kinda like the Hitler-and-Hillary-both-devalue-the-individualwalking dead, isn’t it?

MYTH#6: Leftism is more in tune with, like, the cosmic idealism of the, like, one with the earth goddess  and cosmic memory, and like, that resonates with love and all that.

FACT: Uuuuuuum ok, so your saying leftism is more spiritual; like? BZZZZZZZZZT sorry. Leftism hates competition, the summer-solstice-stonehenge-2011_yabbedooheart of leftism is the worship of the government. Oh they like fuzzy headed people like you, but any serious spirituality is seen as competition. In extreme socialism (communism) all religions are the enemy. At the centre of this myth might be the idea of aiu collective consciousness, which is, ummm, like, tooootally out there man.

MYTH#7: In the past unions and governments organized to do amazing things. Unions saved farmers from bankruptcy, coal miners and factory workers from being killed and/or starved, 33strikeand  strong government organization is what won us good ‘ol WWII! Why, since socialism is an offshoot of such a good thang, it just can’t be wrong I’m tellin’ ya!

FACT: Past, that is a key word here. I’ve read about the history of unions (been a member of a big one too) and there is no doubt that they were necessary once (and may be again). In the end, power is ;as power does. When working conditions and wages improve, companies are growing, everyone should be happy. At that point the unions should just, well, go away (except as a localimages “common” voice for the workers maybe).The big organized labour c66aa37e6cbcc480eddbdb9494856518unions are just like a loaded gun laying in the nursery. The power is there for someone to manipulate, I mean the MOB gets involved don’t they? You know who else likes to pick up power like a ripe plum? Your friendly socialists like power! Collectivists flock to unions like vultures to a dead horse; “let’s help the little people!” is their cry. The mob helps organize labour, socialists just use it like a cheap whore.

As far as strong government controls winning a world war? Screw the government, they were just  organizationalimages-4 servants. Wars are won by the blood, muscle, guts, and will of the people; keep the government in its proper place in history.

UnknownMYTH#8: You must want poor people to starve in the street! Old people to lay uncared for! The downtrodden to never be lifted up! The sick to go without care! The crippled to hobble without crutches! Puppies to cry in the night! The blind to never seeeee! Cancers to grow unstoppable! orphans crying in their pillows! Kittens mewling  piteously! You heartless bastard! Can’t you see we NEED the government to DO things??!

FACT: Wow! easy there friend. settle down now and answer a question. Do you work  a government job in one of these fields? Helping the helpless? Good for you. Are you living on the street? No? Why! Your making a good wage I know, but haven’t you seen all those adds on tell-a-vision?With the bloat bellied starving children?  You didn’t sendimages ALL your wages to help?!! You heartless bastard! Whats that? You don’t give to those rip off organizations to feed starving children because most of the money goes into “administration”? Ooooooooh yeah, I hear yah buddy.

Ok, that was a little low, but it got the point across, the government spends ginormous amounts on “administration” . Why do you think the government is the best .org to do these jobs? Cause you’ve been taught that? Because they’ve always done it? Because governments are the only images-2entity that can extort the necessary funds at gunpoint?

Truthfully; we have no idea what a modern, innovative, connected society like ours; free from excessive wasteful taxes, could really do. So many loving people, willing work for a living wage to help. Money, freely given in a cause, has no strings, government money ALWAYS has strings. Figure it out.

MYTH#9: Capitalism is the old system, we need new innovative ideas toimages stride into the the future.  A future  collective will that will synergistically meld with technocorraborrations and build an innovative collective educational positive free space unhindered by old paternalistic, imperialistic concepts. A future that will bring about a grassroots topdown innovatunrmulticorraborratativetechnolkjasdlfhlhsdfjhljhgljhsdljgh .

FACT: OOOOH kay I really think you’re repeating yourself at this point. But kudos on the lasjdhljhsdhfph speak, your a politician? Don’t be fooled by gobbldygook people. UnknownThere is nothing new about socialism, doesn’t matter what title it has. Call it new leftism, communism, fascism, Liberalism, collectivism; it all comes down to the same thing. “We are from the government and were here to help you”. Vote for us, give us money, do as your told, your papers please, put your hands on the hood, it’s time for a shower, remove your clothingimages-1 and line up by the pit. Seriously, this concept that really-smart-people-need-power-so-we-can-organize-you-for your-own-good-resist-and-you -will-be-punished is bloodthirsty. Millions of people have been brutally sacrificed on the alter of collectivism. Death camps, gulags, killing fields; are all innovations of totalitarian power mongers. MOST of those have been collectivists. The first step is the images-1removal of individual power such as weapons and free speech. Then the removal of all the other rights, life is the last right taken. Mostly.Done.By.The.Left. This is history.

If someone were to really come up with a new idea to help people, ya gotta think outside the box. These “old ideas with new faces” is a stupid concept. Organize people to get to the asteroid belt and bring back a fortune in metals and minerals. Find a way to move dirty industries into space. Innovate aimages cheap way to remove saline from sea water, find a truly cheap way to harness energy, open up 3D printing technology to get rid of third world slave labour; whatever. For God sakes find your souls, without asking the government for directions!

Do you really think the government can save humanity? A rearranging of political-correctness_submissionthe titanic deck chairs is your last hope? The government is good at force, not much else. Governments crave power like a crack addict needs another rock. The government is not merciful, innovative, motivated to change, or caring about the individual (that’s you, by the way). The government is like a cancer, always growing. Leftism is the most virulent form of government, give it power and watch it grow. Government will sell itself to the highest bidder, be it organized labour, powerful lobby, mega corporation, or citizens (pick your enviro/war/ethnic/etc.) power group.

It  would seem that humanity has a built in yearning for the garden of eden it was kicked out of, and a deep compulsion to try and build a heaven on earth. The blood soaked history of mankind’s efforts at utopia are there for all to see. Only God can supply heaven, despotic wanna-be dictators and governments use a “utopia” as a bait for fools. Governments want two things; votes and taxes, everything else is just window dressing. So why, oh why, is leftism considered so cool?25



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ME,ME,ME and MY Spearichewallity (thoughts about post-modern belief)

Yes I made up the word spearichewallity, how’d you know? Yes I am going to write about all that “out there” stuff; religion, spirituality, beliefs (or lack thereof), etc. I don’t plan on getting too deep into this, just want to make a simple observation on how our modern culture is handling faith.


We have a problem on our hands. It would seem that our  culture has reached a point of  almost images-3complete spiritual blindness, all the while believing we are “evolving” into a new “enlightened” state ofUnknown being. Many of the so-called “progressives” are operating on the belief that a new “age of Aquarius” (or whatever pseudo-prophetic soup-o’-the-day)  will usher in a new dawn of enlightened people that are loving, tolerant, environmentally aware; and just so much better than the “old” people. The “old” ones who based their thinking on a Christian outlook. These “new” thinkers completely disregard that the christian world view is the foundation of western civilization, and that it is the most “successful” civilization that has ever walked the earth.


Unknown-2I am not saying that all of the people who contributed to western thought were good christians, or even christians at all, but it was christian morality that philosophically anchored the entire endeavour of a just society. It was christian thinking that pushed back the ignorance of “magic” toIMG_1232 find the “creator in the clockworks”, believing that the Designer followed his own rules. I know that many would point out the political debacles of the church suppressing science, deciding that the sun MUST go around the earth and all that, for the moment lets just call them growing pains. You can see how one can get lost in this debate, considering all the animosity toward christianity today, so I’m going to just jump to the point of this post and talk about spiritual blindness.

I think the best way to illustrate my point is to refer to a book by C.S. Lewis, a very astute christian apologist and writer, called “The Screwtape Letters”.  In this book Lewis uses fictional correspondence between an upper echelon demon (Screwtape) and his demon IMG_1271nephew (Wormwood).  Wormwood is an underling assigned as a tempter to humans on earth, Screwtape is mentoring him on the finer points of tempting. The novel was excellent as a means to show the interplay between good and evil, the Designer and the destroyer, challenging a readers worldview. I think, however, Lewis was a visionary. Lewis wrote his books in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s but I think ol’ C.S. could see the trends in modern thought. He could see the path that our society was taking (try reading “The Abolition of Man” with an open mind sometime) and he pretty much nailed modern “progressive” spearichewallity.

In one section of the novel, Screwtape is lecturing Wormwood about the advantages and disadvantages of humans believing in demons vs. believing that all spiritual stuff is nonsense. Wormwood writes that, for the present, the policy of the “lowerarchy” (hell) is to suppress all spiritual knowledge in order to befuddle the humans. Wormwood then opines how, with that policy, they cannot spiritually tempt the humans with magic and the like. Wormwood then goes on to talk about the perfect spiritual situation that hell was trying to engineer into humanity, the age of the materialistUnknown magician. Here is Wormwood’s explanation: (read it in Churchil’s voice)

“I have high hopes that we shall learn in due time how to emotionalise and mythologise their science to such an extent that what is, in effect, belief in us, (though not under that name) will creep in while the human mind remains closed to the Enemy [God]. The “Life Force,” the worship of sex, and some aspects of Psychoanalysis may here prove useful. If once we can produce our perfect work–the Materialist Magician, the man, not using, but veritably worshipping, what he vaguely calls “Forces” while denying the existence of “spirits”–then the end of the war will be in sight.”– C.S. Lewis “The Screwtape Letters” (note to self: youtube a Churchill speech)


UnknownI think we are at this point. We have been taught for generations now, about mysterious forces. All our modern culture is filled with a combination of angry atheists, declaring that our whole existence is just a random product of biology; that we are just sacks of meat living out a pointless existence. God is dead and all that. Life is just a series of electro/chemical pulses that will soon rot.

The other side to that cultural coin are theUnknown mysterious forces. Shall I list them? E.T. , X-files, X-men, close encounters (of whatever kind), star trek (think of all the pseudo science “forces”), all the “ghost” stuff, all the “indigenous-peoples-earth-power-symbolic-power-wisdom-power” stuff, all the pseudo images-1spearichewall “wow-maybe-it’s-not-all-about-biology” earth-power-spinning-stars, candles, chanting monks, depth with no depth; black holes, blah, blah,blah. OK maybe I get a little “blasphemous” at this point, at the very least I’ve ruined a lot of popular entertainment.

The point is that there is depth to the human experience. I’m not sure why there are so many angryimages-4 atheists running around (why are they so angry at something they don’t believe in?) trying to convince people that we’re all just 3 dimensional meat sacks. The majority of the population (throughout history) believed otherwise. Most folks can sense that there is much more controlling us than some fabled vestigial impulse left over from our supposed evolutionary past,a  herd instinct, if you can believe. Leave the lizard brain in the desert and the monkey brain in the jungle, mankind needs to own up to our own failures; quit blaming the animals. All of creation groans since the fall of man.

images-3This cultural double vision is a creative force to influence that strange declaration of this brave new world; “I’m spiritual but not religious“. That statement, for me, is devoid of meaning (and kind of moronic). More on that later. The people who are the candidates for Lewis’s “materialist magicians” treat  spirituality as a smorgasbord. Heaps-o’-the spearichewall to be sampled by any individual looking to be comforted by a pseudo depth to their shallow personality, or they just follow what is fashionable in pop culture.


If the beetles idolizated the hindu religion that’s good enough for them. If Madonna makes the cabala images-3cool, it’s cool; for awhile. I disparage no honest hindu, buddhist, or whatever, in their own quest for truth (besides thinking they missed it by a bit). However I find myself feeling a shortness of patience with people that cherry pick beliefs from a multiple of ideas, and then think they’re now plugged into a universal power. These folks then think they have become a beacon for truth. It’s like coming out of a cave somewhere and welding a wheel to a computer, drenching it in liquid antibiotics; and declaring yourself a lighthouse of science and technology. To anyone serious about faith, it’s absurd.

Unknown Let’s analyze the “progressives” love affair with the hindu/yogi stuff. The hype in the west is that if you bow to this belief system, it makes you this deeeep, compassionate, enlightened, hip, loving individual. You are now in contrast to all the narrow traditionalist types, you’re ready to accept all goodness, softhearted to a universal truth and compassionate to the downtrodden. You do yoga moves and hang with enlightened, loving people; you’re certain you’re going to fart aimages-5 rainbow in the near future. But take an honest look at the hindu belief. They have a rigid caste system. They didn’t ask for the attention of the western idols, but it was good money.  The reality is the hindu enlightened have been stepping over the bodies of the “under caste”  for eons. The working poor can’t even afford enough fuel to properly cremate their dead; and end up hurling the remains of half burned relatives into the “holy” Ganges River. The hippies didn’t bang that one out on their tambourines; doesn’t fit the narrative. The lower castes were not on the beetles concert itinerary, it took a catholic nun to touch the untouchables of India.


Unknown-4Mankind has tried the “multicultural” spiritual tactic in the past, the drawing of all belief into a single system that satisfies all. Think of the Roman pantheon of gods and demigods, also the religious openness of the babylonian empire; man’s idea of consolidating the power of faith in order to fuel a great society.Unknown-3 One can find the Creators view of such systems, it’s in the guide, the stories are there for all to read. The quest to unite all beliefs, or simply make a spiritual buffet for people to pick and choose is an old story, not a new “enlightened” one. I could say that the Designer of the universe became perturbed and blasted such systems with His heavenly magic, but the truth is he didn’t need to, the inevitable destruction of a spiritual democracy is built into the design of reality. Let me explain:


Unknown-1If one is honest about reality, and all the hard truths of who we are, and how much we wish we were different. Always trying to work our way into something better; only to see it all fall apart in front of us. We can try to detach from this, meditate (or medicate) our way to a different existence, buuuut that’s just playing peek-a-boo with absoluteness. All religions are expressions of these: trying to understand reality, or, trying to harness a power to change reality, or, trying to pretend reality doesn’t exist. We’ve been on this endeavour as far back as we know. The world’s  religions are ancient, many have been “not nice” much of the time, some have been downright evil; some still are. A person can learn  much by examining the varying beliefs, in the end somebody will be right. You get to pick, it’s called free will. Cool eh?

If, however, you are of the “spiritual, but not religious” school; it only shows your spiritual ignorance.images-1 History is carpeted with temples built and levelled, men have bled and died for what they believed.  Our language is full of the wisdom of great religious speakers, lights have been shone into the darkness, scrolls have been written and mistakes in belief of interpretation have been wept over. All these different belief systems have been forged in the fires of time. Now, here comes miss “spearichewall, but not religious” looking for cute spearichewall things to put in her basket, and mister earthy, looking for abstract spearichewall  stuff to impress her, what is their true motivation? It’s. all. about. them.


imagesOh, I know, there is plenty of selfishness practised in all religions. Thereimages-2 are myriads of religious megalomaniacs littered throughout history. Religions conquered, or were used as a weapon to conquer. Religions have been used as a tool for control, they’re good at that.  However, at the core of most religions is the basic premise of a belief in some higher power. Something that is bigger than self. Something that will hold us accountable for our failures in righteousness, and rejoice in all that is holy and true. Most religions that go off their rails have rails to find again, they have a belief system that others can hold them accountable to.

Not mr. and miss. spearitchewall, they are making up their own system on the fly, whatever feels right. If they’re doing yoga on a mountain top, meditating in a tea house at sunrise, or doing a voodoo dance on an island; its about how connected they feel to a mysterious universal force. If the next day they want to do something shabby or shady (in order to get ahead in life), that’s ok. If such actions can’t be excused or explained away by their personal belief system, well, look at all the good feeling spearichewallity they’ve put away. It gives the individual special powers to look down on all poor un-spearichewall people, while not holding the “believer” accountable to anything concrete. Any rules are made up in the head, and can be changed daily. Imaginary “new”-age belief buffets have allimages the thrill, and non of the suck. The “universe” that these people “pray” to is no bigger than the circumference of their head, and holds only the  contents of their heart. In the end, they are worshipping themselves.


images-2Self worship is weak, baked into the bricks of a culture, it crumbles under pressure. Self worship is old, the fall of man was orchestrated by the sly, hissing words of “you can be a god“. Self worship is vulnerable, any false prophet (as long as he’s cool, spearichewall, and powerful), can pull a pied piper, and draw crowds of narcissistic followers. Self worship is destructive, the human soul can hollow out like a tree; it’s rotten core can cause a crash, while appearing green and attractive on the outside. Self worship, leads to, in the end, self hatred. That is why the worshipped among us, the movie stars and rock moguls, die in such bh63pblazing frenzies of self destruction. Man is not built to be worshipped, it’s not in our design parameters, it causes horrific consequences, to both individuals and societies.

I am a simple man, I hold no degrees in either theology or paranormal phenomena. I have a basic understanding of christianity, and have only lightly studied other belief systems. All that being said, images-1only a fool cannot see that any society made up of individuals who believe in something greater than themselves; thrive. Any society of people that believe in the greatness of themselves (spiritual or not), have fallen. If I could be so bold, I will use examples from my own religion to finish this point, you can disregard or believe what you wish; it is truth.


Lucifer (the designers masterpiece) fell due to the pride of self worship, Lucifer then tempted mankind into self worship and Unknown-1they fell away from the design. The guide is full of stories of men, who, once started down the path of self worship tumbled in spectacular ways. If things follow according to prophesy, mankind will be so spiritually blind, they will follow a dictator that will be in lucifers pocket. The total destruction of the

In the end.......horses!

THE END…….and everyone lived,uhhh, ever after!

design will be the goal of Lucifer.  Then the Designer will intervene; it will be the end of the story. All who worship themselves will be granted their wish, they will occupy their own personal universe forever (do I need to use the word hell?) Those that sought out their creator with an open heart will have eternity to view the vastness of the “I AM” and his creation (need I say heaven?)

I will leave this topic now. I am not impressed with spirituality. Humans were designed to be spiritual beings in the beginning, but are now broken; Humpty Dumpty style. Men cannot fix themselves or each other, the designer enacted a plan for re-assembly in the end, on His terms. Redemption flows from Him throughout the story, it is enacted by a cross, an empty tomb, and a promise to return. The story stretches like a line through our history, as far back as written time goes…..take it for what you will. For me, I believe, I think, I study, and I leave these papers under a rock.25


P.S.   You can leave a paper for me, I’m sure to circle back this way eventually. Don’t have to leave a name, just be civil. It’s my rock after all.






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