images-3  Frustration, fear and a sense of helplessness.  The feeling of impending doom.  The feeling that one is surrounded  by clueless, cynical people that are oblivious to a reality that you not only know about, you can feel.  The world used to be a lot simpler, not easy, but simpler.  The fast paced technological changes coupled with the shifting sands of social evolution has made the world into an insanity factory.  Or is it all the changes that’s causing our discord with reality?  Maybe there is an underlying root to the mess of weeds that choke the peace from our lives.

What are some of our recent societal changes that would impact our culture on an epic level?  Certainly, in the images-17last 70 years, there have been big changes.  Atomic bombs, the sexual revolution, space travel, internet, etc.  Mankind’s ability to travel, learn and build has peaked. Yet the feeling of doom is in the air, why?  I think it’s because of what we’ve forgotten, more than what we need to learn.  Mankind, for whatever reason, is ignoring the concept of evil.  I don’t think it’s a conscious decision to ignore the presence of evil, it is a societal game of peek-a-boo, where not mentioning evil means we don’t have to define goodness.

And here is the problem; I really hate “preaching” in the sense that people are saying “who the hell do you think you are, saying those things!”  However, one cannot talk about the evil of teenagers shooting babies in strollers, without talking about where goodnss comes from.  No I’m not going to go into a lengthy sermon about how y’all need JESUS or anything; even if you do.  This is just a warning, that in this discourse about evil, I am going to mention God.  Try hard not to be offended.


Our culture never used to have a problem with understanding evil. I am talking about the western culture here, you know, Judaic/Christian value images-21system?  The golden rule? The Magna Carta? Declaration of Independence? Bill of rights? Rule of Law? Never mind. Lets just work with the fact that older people have no problem with understanding the war between good and evil, many of them died fighting evil.  Hitler was evil, that’s not an issue, he was doing genocide on a massive scale. If your fuzzy on this, well, God help you. I am aware of the fact that we were fighting alongside another socialist demon named Stalin, also a genocidal enthusiast, the label of evil does not change.  I’ve read all the conspiracy theories about who benefited monetarily from WW2, non of it matters.  The men who fought and bled in the war against the socialist hell of Naziism  did so knowing they were fighting evil.

The point I want to make is that the common man had a clear set of codes that he lived (and died) by.  Our western civilization is the most successful and civilized of all others combined.  Modern western society has walked on the moon, jetted around the world, raised the poor to unforeseen levels and healed the sick.  One can bemoan the pollution, industrialization, social mistakes etc until the cows come home, we’re the best so far in the lineage of civilizations.  I know how popular it is to attack everything  about western culture and society today, the progressives use every past and present mistake as a battering ram to push for the very things that our grandfathers fought against.

images-18The light of freedom is flickering out because the battle lines have been blurred, and the good men don’t know what to fight.  No matter how much some people want to stick their fingers in their ears and shout “separation of church and state”, it’s a fact our societal foundation is the Judaic/Christian concept of good and evil.  It seems that many want to keep the success of our society, especially the riches, while fundamentally changing it’s DNA to make their version of utopia. The formula does not work.  One cannot change the foundation of a building and keep the building standing, especially when the only tool is a battering ram.  That is where the frustration and doom comes from.  We’re under attack from within, and it’s a war of ideas and belief.


The trend today, within popular culture, is to mock the moral codes of yesterday.  The idea of moral relativism has gained a foothold amongst the “elite” of our society.  Moral relativism, the belief that things are only good or bad because of tradition and education, is a very subtle poison.  When that formula is applied to WW2 then the allied powers were wrong to fight Hitler, he was only following the beliefs of his aryan culture and we were wrong to judge him.   One can see this valueless system at work in our failed attempt at “multiculturalism”- we are importing gangs, terrorists and many peoples that hold our culture in contempt- and we are powerless to stop them.  Any attempt to apply common sense to the system and the magic word RACIST is shouted from the rooftops, silencing all opposition.

Some people (especially elitist types with more education than brains)  even believe that there is no moral code, that everything is amoral, morals are just figments of our imagination.  This gives us insight into a more rounded view of evil.  Evil is not just blood thirsty monsters and diabolical images-5masterminds, evil can have an “awe shucks” face- let me give you an example.

When president clinton got caught with his pants down, lied about it and then went on his merry way-it pointed to a shift in societies’ view on evil.  “That wasn’t evil-that was just sex” you say?  I don’t think so.  I know that situation was, to some males, a nudge-and-grin moment, and many women are drawn to a man in power; but it was still evil.  Think about it; for Clinton to have such contempt for his position,  his marriage and the truth-what do you think his attitude was/is toward the common citizen.  Clinton’s attitude toward the everyday people was probably the same attitude he had toward his young intern.  He completely fooled the people, the press and all the institutions of the land.  Evil does not have to have a monsters drooling fangs when a wink and a comely grin will do.

Unknown-4Here is another small example found in popular culture, comparing yesteryear to the present.  In 1938 the comic book character of Superman was born, he stood for “truth, justice and the American way”, and he is today a much loved hero.  Over the years the cultural elite has learned to sneer at heros and what they stand for, even to the point of trying to “kill off” superman (or maybe they were trying to sell more comics).  Superman is a “saviour” character that fights evil and inspires people to reach toward goodness; to be their best.

I watched a movie about some other “heros” that was based on a comic book written in 1986 calledimages-14 Watchmen.  In this story “good” guys do bad things, bad guys do evil to bring about “good” and the only character with clear moral vision is vaporized.  The story was written to deconstruct the idea of the hero and it is a contemptuous jeer toward the concept of ultimate goodness.  These examples show the path we have walked down, culturally speaking, and it’s un-settling.  Good remains good and evil remains evil.


The tools used to push the agenda of evil are really quite simple, the trick is to recognize the tool user.  The world has so much good in it, it must be hard for the forces of evil to push out all that joy.  The smile of a lover, the giggles of children, the awesomeness of creation; they all conspire to derail the agenda of evil.  The trick played on us by the amoral is to paint the world grey, and it is not easy.

Unknown-1True righteousness and evil do not mix, unless ceaselessly agitated, much like oil and water. If oil and water are constantly in turmoil the appearance is a foamy solution, if left in peace, then the two liquids again settle out into different forms; and the line of differentiation can be clearly seen.  the main thrust of those that demand a world to be not black and white, but grey, is much the same.  The container that holds the mixing of the two is our soul, and the agitation in our post-modern society never stops.  Fear, anger, doubt, ugliness, and counterfeit goodness are thrust upon us at every turn.

Our societies ability to inform and entertain is used as a crucible to boil and agitate goodness-with-evil and serve thatimages-13 unholy soup as reality.  Men are creators, builders and stewards; but are painted as moronic destroyers.  Women are nurturers, healers and life givers; but society upholds the pushiest and bitchiest among them as heroines.  People are not judged by character (that is now neither good nor evil) but by skin tone and inflamed entitlement.  Animals have more rights than babies (animals are seen as perfectly amoral) and the creation is worshipped instead of the Creator.  Mankind is on the brink of war over perceived wealth when real wealth is held back from the common man.  The drums of evil overpower the goodness and beauty of the world, and people are either confused or indifferent to their fate.


images-12Find peace. Grasp wisdom. Make a stand.  Simple, but not easy at all.  Find peace where you can find it, start by cutting your television cable.  Feed birds, pet a dog, play peek-a-boo with a baby, look at the stars, canoe down a slow river, grow a garden, build a chair, sit by a fire, paint a sunset;  call this reality.

Grasping wisdom is more challenging, at least to those who won’t acknowledge where wisdom comes from.  For those who hate the idea of God, at least pick up a bible and read proverbs.  Even if you think the whole christian thing is on the same vein as the legend of the tooth fairy, proverbs speaks for itself, its either right or wrong; read them over 5 or 6 times and decide (it won’t hurt you, I promise).  If you can get through proverbs then I double dare you to read ecclesiastes, its a story about a man who had everything a man could want, and the meaninglessness of it.  In the end he dispenses the boiled down wisdom of that experience, the lessons are images-8invaluable for combating the world’s siren call to always want mooooore of everything. If you are the poetic type, read the psalms.  The psalms hold the beauty of a sunrise, the power of a galloping horse and the joy of children’s laughter.  If you’re the type who believes themselves to be more than a cosmic burp (and believe in a creator), then ask God for wisdom, he promises to give it to all who ask for it.  After this, or during this, forge the code of right and wrong you will live by.  Think deeply, trust much, and draw your line.

Now, make a stand!  You don’t have to be narrow and rigid, as your wisdom grows, your code can be tweaked.  Just don’t be swayed by the the latest sitcom idiot’s blathering or politically correct mumbo jumbo.  I am also not talking about a code that defines the “right” number of crackers to eat with soup, think in terms of broad strokes.  Big concepts like: “is it right to kick a farmer off of his land because an “endangered” frog lives there?  Or, “should the government take money from the industrious people and give it to the lazy?”, broad strokes, you get the idea.

images-1People used to live by codes, men have sworn to defend their code to the death. I think that time is coming again, people are going to have to make a stand, or they will be slaves and have everything decided for them.  All the institutions and machinery that we have built up to shield us from personal moral decisions is crumbling or being fundamentally changed. Our concept of “society” may again come to mean those who we are social with, and those whom we can share a life “code” with, not an abstract thing we are spoon fed from the elitist’s idiot box and magazine factory (media).  Don’t let the moral relativist’s sneering contempt fool you, goodness is the high ground, the standard will be raised and righteousness shall win in the end.

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Beware The Power of the Gluck-Gluck


When I was a very young lad, my family lived in a fairly large city.  That city, in those days, still had milk delivery (yes I am that old).   Every morning the milkman delivered glass bottles of milk and took the empties away, talk about being environmentally sound!   I was very young and barely remember the uniformed man whistling as he strode up our sidewalk with his crate of tinkling glass bottles, what service!  I am sure those heavy, cold, glass bottles made the milk taste better. The bottles had a square profile ending in a round mouth that was plugged with a waxed cardboard disk. The heavy bottle was filled all the way to the round neck with icy cold, rich, milk; yum.   Also hidden within those full bottles was a treasure that my brother and I strove to receive, the bottle was filled with many refreshing glasses of milk, but there was only one gluck-gluck

Unknown-2Yes, when the bottle was filled to the top  and was tipped to pour, it made that sound (glook-ka-glook), we called it the gluck-gluck  (only one per bottle!).  The story is (I was too young to remember the first time), it was my dad who made that sound a coveted commodity.   He was pouring himself a glass of milk out of a freshly opened bottle, and upon hearing the sound pronounced; “I got the gluck-gluck”.  Well, that was it!   From then on the competition to receive the desired gluck-gluck was on. I can remember the arguments, between my brother and I, as to who received the blessing of the gluck-gluck when a new bottle was opened.  Mom and Dad had to keep track of whose turn it was, and I remember when dad poured the loser his glass, he would try and console us by saying “gluck-gluck” when he poured; but it was a poor consolation prize.

The gluck-gluck had become a commodity, it is an interesting concept to study. The gluck-gluck was not really a necessity, it was a want.   The want was created by my father recognizing it’s scarcity and announcing its desirability.  From there, the competition between my brother and I took care of the rest.  I’m sure, if my brother and I would of had a disposable income, dad could have made money selling us a sound. Maybe dad should have made us do chores to earn the right to the gluck-gluck, we were certainly motivated.

When I view the materialistically minded world of consumerism that we currently reside in, I am astonished by the amount of money being spent on gluck-images-14gluck.  Clothes with the “right” label, “popular” food brands (eaten not for taste or nutrition; but because it’s cool), expensive branded electronics, and many others.  It is not a problem if only a few things are coveted  for their popularity, but spending money to “be cool”  becomes a way of life. People can be separated from large amounts of cash because they spend their entire life looking for the next trend to jump on.  They don’t buy things based on value, or price, but instead are sold an idea.  The idea of trendiness, the fantasy of popularity, the myth of cool;  all at premium prices.

images-15I think people are influenced by popular culture more than they would ever admit.  Television, movies, magazines, etc all combine (they are all owned by six mega-corporations) to leave the common person with the idea that there is a “popular culture” out there, formed by the everyday people.  It’s not!   A large percentage of popular culture is created in the board rooms of mega media corporations.  This is the same media that is also telling you what music to buy, what to eat, what to wear, what to drink, how to think and where you should look for entertainment.  Think about it; a single company can make a movie, then talk about it on their own radio and television stations, write about the movie in several magazines and multiple newspapers (all owned by them), and even put out a huge presence on the internet!  It is possible for a media giant to make a movie appear popular, even if it sucks.  Nobody wants to be odd, we all like to fit into our crowd.  When the media giants can control the crowd by telling them what it “wants” and changing the menu often, it becomes a trillion dollar industry.   images-16

Have you ever stopped to consider how silly designer labeled goods are?  I mean you need jeans to cover your butt, does the label really do anything?  No, the jeans still do their job, with or without a label. It is interesting to shop in a second hand clothing store, all those faded labels, they mean nothing now, one just looks to make sure the jeans fit and the material is sound.  In those same stores one can find many other used products that were once the rage, now reduced to clear.  Just the other day in one of those stores I saw a box full of cabbage patch dolls, I remembered the Christmas that those dolls were all the rage.  People were paying four times the going price for those dolls, if they could even find one.   The money spent on popularity and fad is forever gone, with nothing to show for it.

images-11The world is changing, disposable incomes are dropping, resources are becoming scarcer; it’s time for everyone to take a hard look at what they spend money on.  Need will have to replace want in the decision making process.  It’s very hard to use the word “need” as in saying, “I need that designer shirt”.  If every person looked only for quality when buying consumer products, companies would have to change, and start producing only quality items.  Stop looking for that ultimate something that will make you cool, it doesn’t exist; that’s all just media gluck-gluck.

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Instant patience

images-1“LORD, grant me patience, and I need it right now” the old joke goes. It is only humorous because of the sad truth in it. Let’s face it, the patience in our culture is sadly lacking. We have become a people who can do almost anything instantaneously. Any activity that normally takes drudge time, like washing dishes, has  inspired the invention of a machine to take care of it. That leaves us more time to microwave a meal, start the coffee maker, or catch the latest news from our friends on Facebook.  Wanna buy a car? No need to save for years, just get an insta-loan. No time to cook?  Thats ok, plenty of fast food places, you don’t even have to walk in, just breeze past the drive through and be on your way. Maybe you do feel like cooking? Great! The modern mega-store is positively stuffed with every kind of super quick meals that imitate real food. If one entered our arena-sized grocery stores and inventoried the food that our ancestors recognized (like flour, salt, sugar, potatoes, meat, coffee, tea, lard, etc) the selection would almost fit in the mom & pop store of yesteryear.

No, unlike some starry-eyed romantics, I’m not going to advocate going back to the “good ol’ days”.   Nobody want’s to do laundry on a scrub board (I’ve done it).  There is, however, a question that needs to be asked in our land of infinite convenience.  Why, oh why, are we so damned impatient with one another? Why doesn’t our inner voice talk to us like this?  ” Oh? You want to cut into my lane cause yours is blocked? Thats ok, my dishwasher is doing my dishes and I have supper in a bag on the seat beside me.  I have plenty of time to let one or two cars in ahead of me, it will give me at least 5 more seconds to listen to this entertaining program on my satellite radio!”  Or how about, “Look at that bank lineup! There must be at least 6 people ahead of me! But this is not a problem, my laundry is getting washed in a machine at home, and when I do get to the counter the staff can move my finances anywhere instantly. I can pay all my bills without addressing an envelope or licking a stamp! Besides, this is an excellent time to check my emails on my smart phone.”  Unfortunately, sadly, this is not the case; the complete opposite is true.  As a society we are at best just plain nasty to one another. At worst, people have become literally murderous because someone got “ahead” of them. In an ironic twist of quirkiness, it is the speedy automobile that has inspired killing rages, not the pedestrian craving to “be in front”  inspiring “sidewalk rage”. The question of why we aren’t more patient, being the society blessed with the most conveniences, deserves a little pondering.

Now lest anyone think I am some calm guru, sitting on a sunny mountain top, knitting doilies out of my excess inner peace; I will tell you what burns my biscuits. Its those same mega-stores I was mentioning earlier. Those nightmare- sized stores make my patience disappear like ice cubes in August.images-2

It starts out with the list my sweet wife has given me to fill. I mean there is nothing wrong with the list, its short, detailed and neatly written. In fact it’s EXTREMELY detailed, like “2nd generation super zip floor cleaner, lemon scented (get the one with real lemon added) blue cap not purple (purple is super zip LITE) 12oz not 14oz, get the one on sale (there should be a tear-off coupon on the shelf). Doing ok still patience-wise, I whistle as I navigate the B-52 hanger sized building and wonder if they have GPS coordinates to the soap isle. I have a vague idea of where I stumbled onto that particular aisle last shopping trip and I tell myself walking is healthy. I don’t even have a cross feeling toward the people who run into me or stop in the middle of the lane with their cart sideways cause they found just what they wanted in mid-turn; morons.

I’m ok though, still fine, its just a little shopping trip, nothing a little mind over matter won’t cure.  I finally find the soap isle after navigating half the store; twice.  I’m sure it wasn’t on this side last week – must take a lot of work to shuffle a thousand tons of merchandise twice a week.  I look down the isle as it disappears to a point in the horizon, and muse to myself if there was a deer at the far end I don’t think I’d try a shot, and its ALL soaps and cleaners. I look again at my detailed list and feel like Indiana Jones searching for the Holy Grail amongst the deadly fakes.  For a short time frustration leaves me as I am in awe of the shear number of different cleaners.  There are not just different brands but a variety of  specialities, sizes, sales, consistencies, scents, colours, containers and dispensers. Soon though, frustration returns, as my feet are getting tired, time is slipping away and I’m still pushing an empty cart.  The once awe-inspiring mega selection is now starting to enrage me as I cannot even catch a fleeting glimpse of anything like Super Zip (blue cap or PURPLE), 2nd generation or otherwise. “Is civilization really better off having so many choices in the war against grime!?” my inner voice snarls, “do we really need fruit bowl detergent in three scents, four delivery systems, nine different sizes, liquid, powder and freaking gel?!!  Why is this necessary?”  No sign of anything even  remotely zippy so I quickly grab a floor cleaner with a purple cap (I was sure the list said purple) and plod on to the next item on my list, some kind of rare himalayan spice in a shaker, not a can, and not brand x.

imagesThe rest of the shopping-experience-from-hell became a blur and energy drained rapidly, even my inner voice has become exhausted and the only noise it makes is a quiet sob. In a moment of mental weakness I flirted with the fantasy of finding a stock boy to get directions, my cynical mind-voice roused itself to moan out, “You’re serious? There are no stock boys!  The shelves are stocked at midnight by sadistic orcs. The orcs trade their labour for the opportunity to shuffle the entire store  layout every second night  and video tape the suffering customers during the day!”  Eventually I start toward the front of the store to find the checkouts, the contents of my cart somewhat resembling the items on the list.   Even with the sight of long lines I can feel a faint wisp of a restored humour as my task is nearly accomplished. This faint inkling of humour allows me to view the fact that there are 27 cash registers and only six tellers with some (slightly bitter) mental detachment. Not only that, but my mind is waking up to the fact that it’s time to play “the game”.

The game. I’ve been playing this game for years, and I usually lose. I lose a lot, but somehow the the game itself gives me the allusion that I have a crumb of control in the psy-op of consumerism that is grocery shopping. The game is called “pick the fastest line” and there are enough variables to give a compulsive gambler the chills. One must study the tellers, lined up customers and their cart contents, and of course, length of each line.  The line length is obvious, but how high the carts are heaped change the parameters.  The tellers are studied for age, experience and level of exhaustion as well as general attitude. Each line is evaluated for customers and cart contents. Mothers with small children are to be avoided, not that I don’t like mothers and children but their carts are usually full and the mothers distracted.  I’ve sometimes thought about offering to mind the mother’s children while she does the groceries but a criminal record would interfere with my life too much (note to fathers of young children: if you spend your checkout time staring at the magazine celebs while your wife runs the groceries through, don’t ask her why she’s grumpy when you get out to the car, trust me.)  Carts piled with fresh fruits, vegetables and bulk bin bags are also slow. Kudos on eating right but all that reading of tags and weighing takes time. Seniors; some are all efficiency and some are slower, so it evens out over time.  Fast is fast, that is, fast food not only cooks fast, but those frozen pizza boxes, plastic cheezits bags and over-sized coke bottles simply wiz over the scanner.images-5

Some of you are thinking: why doesn’t he go through the self checkout and eliminate the teller variable…..not a chance.  I tried those electronic conveniences -from-hell once, and got into a furious argument with the infernal device over whether or not my recently scanned roll of tinfoil was in the bag or not.  Apparently, my heated discussion with the overblown son-of-a pong game caused a disturbance. About the time I got to the part where I was telling the lying sack of microcircuits how I was going out to my truck for my tools and just prove who was man and who was machine, a snip of a girl in a store uniform came over and took the machine’s side!  I know exactly the type of techno-loving quisling she is. When the computers and machines finally take over she’ll be the one in a uniform checking your name off as you’re herded to the protein slurry grinder for final elimination.  I keep my distance from such folk.images-7

I took in all the line variables, gave my sub-conscience time to process, and made my line choice. There were four ahead of me in line and three more carts quickly pulled in behind me. I was starting to relax being happy with my line decision and the people in it. The man at the front of the line was almost through.  The next couple had a half-full cart of fast food, and the older woman directly ahead of me had a mixed cart, but a determined and efficient look. I noted the teller was college-age, but seemed to work with a speed that said a laser scanner was no stranger to her.  I would be free soon! The couple had reached the belt and started piling the boxes and packages while my chosen super-efficiency teller expertly made change with the man in front. I noted that as the couples groceries rolled to my teller she gave them a perky greeting while simultaneously flicking vacuum pacs of lunch meat across the scanner like a vegas expert dealing cards. I almost started to hum a happy tune as I began to casually glance at the pictures of the pretty idiots on the magazine covers.  Suddenly, to my horror, I noticed the lady in front of me open her purse and pull out an obscene sized wad of coupons circled with a fat rubber band.  A coupon lady, I might have known, but I didn’t lose hope as the woman’s efficiency in shuffling through the stack spoke of orderliness and speed. The line progress halted briefly as the fast food couple paid their bill and his bank card didn’t swipe the first time, second try was successful and I breathed again. The woman in front of me started putting her items on the belt and placed coupons on top of the products that matched.  It all  seemed orderly until my super-teller picked up the first coupon, then everything stopped dead.

“What are these?” said the perky teller to the coupon lady, turning the coupon around and around like she hadn’t seen one before, “It says sixty percent off, that can’t be right.”

“They’re manufacturers coupons dearie,” said coupon lady, “I use them all the time.”

“I don’t think we can accept these,” said perky teller and the coupon ladies eyes narrowed dangerously.

“They are acceptable anywhere the product is sold young lady, just read the back.” As the cashier girl begins to read the back of the coupon (having to hold it an inch from her nose to read the fine print) the last of my happy thoughts are blown away by the resurgence of my inner cynic.  “I can hear it now!” it rasps hoarsely, “in about 5 seconds she will get on the intercom and ask for a lawyer on cashier number 4.  We’ll spend the next 19 minutes watching a legal debate between coupon lady and perky girl.”  Actually it was worse.

images-8“Brenda, hey Brenda!” hollers perky to an older cashier two lines over.  “What do I do to enter these?” she’s holding up the offending piece of coloured paper, and I get some satisfaction seeing Brenda’s line stop dead. Brenda now comes over to look, earning dirty looks from her customers in line.  Maybe others do play “the game”,  I thought.

“You’ll have to ask Sandy” concludes Brenda after studying the fine print like it held life’s secrets, “but she’s on break.”

Oh just great!” my inner voice moans, “lets all go join Sandy in the break room and watch her finish her hot chocolate.  Since “Sandy the magnificent” is the only magician that can unlock the secret of the coupon we can’t be in a hurry or anything!”  Another line stops dead when the pair are joined by another teller and a coupon conference ensues. I am forced for my own sanity to study the chewing gum selection and ignore everything.   Just as I am beginning to mentally measure my cart, wondering if I could use the toilet paper pack as a pillow and curl up amongst my groceries to nap, the group think-session ends and the coupon is entered into the system.  I should feel grateful it only takes typing six lines of code for each coupon. I look at the other moving lines and am too weary to care that I’ve lost “the game”, again.

I have somehow picked the slowest line.  Glaciers and snails could pass this line and live a full life and I will be stuck here in grocery purgatory. I am past the point of feeling sorry for myself and into the land of humour now, the comfortable numbness of bemusement beginning to creep in.  When you’ve reached the end of the rope, and started practicing your knot tying, you can at least tell yourself it can’t get worse.  When it does, the audible snap of a rope breaking above you may as well be the severing of the link to sanity.images-6

Coupon lady has got all her groceries through the scanner and the cashier has given her a total and my toes are curling up in my boots as coupon lady pulls an official looking cheque out. My inner cynic/psycho begins laughing hysterically, a madman’s version of bemusement, as perky shakes her head and I hear coupon lady ask for a manager. “A MANAGER?!!” roars the inner voice. “There are no managers in these places, the manager is just a rumor started to keep these gals working and the stock-orcs in line, any form of a manager would have to be flown in from the east coast.  Just look at that cheque, I’m sure its in German.  It is probably drawn from a seedy cash store in Brussels. Why, why, why does this ALWAYS happen?” At this point my choices are limited, I could flip out and trash the gum rack, unleash the inner voice on a fellow human being, curl  up on the floor and sob uncontrollably, or, find some patience.

images-3You can probably now tell from my slightly exaggerated tale that I am no saint.  I am far from it.  I have no secret of tranquillity that works all the time, its why I live in the country instead of the city. What I want to explore is the idea of “finding” patience within, how does one do that? What is the process and where is it “found”?  You’re probably thinking that I am short-tempered in the city because I think I am better than the other people, that I live in the bush because I  imagine myself somehow superior to the general public. You may think if I held my fellow man in greater regard and got off my high horse that the patience would just be there, but that is not the case.

My next post I will tell another story  where I had to “find” patience, and I was very much alone at the time and many, many, many, miles from anything resembling a city.  So I throw the question out to y’all: “What is the place that one reaches down to to find that thing called patience?”  


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First post- The art of decision in a mixed up world

  It was an interesting conversation, that I had with my son and his new wife. They were asking questions about jobs, homes, and  far reaching decisions that appeared so final. You know, questions like, we want to move out in the country, but all the good jobs are in the city. Should we try to buy a place close to our jobs and pay on a bigger mortgage or move further out (where property is cheaper) and have faith we will find work? Is it better to find an old place and fix it up or start from scratch. It seems like yesterday that the hardest questions my kid would ask was; did he need a better paintball gun. I probably didn’t answer these tough questions quite like they were hoping, and only gave them my view of the ins and outs of each decision. My wife and I have  had experience making some of these very same decisions. We have in the past, started on raw land and built a homestead and lately sold that and bought an older farm site and fixed it up. It was not ignorance on my part that stopped me from saying ” my son thou shalt doeth it this way”, just wisdom to see that THEY have to make these broader decisions. In the end the direction one chooses is going to hit hard trail, and the conviction of ones mind and raw faith are the fuel for success.

   I do not envy, except their youth and strength, the young people starting out today.  When I was starting out, the world had many problems and hurdles, but it was not the black forest of question marks that fill todays decision landscape.  And no, its not just that I’m getting old and don’t remember, or that every generation thinks life was better in the “old days”.  In the game of life today, there are a lot fewer truisms that I was assured of in my youth.  How about, “invest in a house/real estate is your best investment” or “get a college degree-that’s money and time not wasted”.  In the following of such wisdom you could find yourself with a degree in VHS design living in an underwater house in Detroit, ’nuff said.  I don’t know historically how many times common wisdom was turned on its head, where concrete turned out to be quicksand, but I’m sure its been a few times.  I did give my son some advice he could think about, like staying as flexible as possible and learn as many marketable skills as he could.  I warned him about getting too far in debt while relying on the pay grade found only in one narrow industry (oil industry), and that his income could go up or down depending on the boom and bust  cycle.  I told him his best bet was to rely on himself rather than the promises of security found in an “old established company” or “a good union job”.  I’m not saying those jobs don’t exist or that they are not good jobs, but the security that these jobs used to convey is mere smoke and nonsense in today’s rapidly changing environment.  I believe it was all decent advice, on the whole, and I know my son has the strength to chase his dreams, but it is possible I left some important stuff out. Important stuff that only comes to light after some reflection, and a few prayers.

   It was easy to see the gleam in my son’s eyes while he talked, he is newly married, he wants his own place, and he wants it to be right.  They know they are going to have to work together and sacrifice.  They know dreams don’t happen overnight and they  obviously are not afraid to spit on their hands and take on a challenge. But in all this chasing of dreams lies one of life’s more sneaky IED’s (improvised explosive device), improvised as it were, by our own hands.  All this “eyes on the prize” and sacrifice for a goal is what is needed to succeed at life’s challenges, but it can lead to losing some of the best things in order to “better” oneself. Focusing on the end result, thinking that, “I can start living when I have the place I want, right now I must put my nose down and arse up” makes you a tempting target for the devil, at the very least you’ve got some bad tunnel vision going.  The biggest problem is that these great projects take so darn long, a home, a business or whatever.  Its not like you can put in a couple of weekends and a few all nighters and finish the job, they take a lifetime to finish; if they are ever really finished.  I remember one day walking around my new piece of land with my dad, I was 24 years old and bursting with ideas and plans. I was telling him about where the barn would be and the fences would run, where the pond would go and the size of a future garden area.  My plans were expansive (and some expensive) and the dream was almost as boundless as my enthusiasm.  All this grandiose chatter was coming out as we walked around on land covered with trees,( except for a clearing I had made that you could almost spit across).  Dad listened, patiently smiling the whole time, then he said ” yes son, and when your all done you’ll be an old man”.  I was a little miffed I must say, and right as he was, I inadvertently tried to prove him wrong.

   Over the years that particular IED blew up a few times as sacrifices were made to “accomplish the goal” but there was no permanent damage, no actual body count.  I’m still married to the same wonderful woman, and my kids learned about sacrifice and hard work, but all the priorities completely shifted in hindsight.  That is why before you set out on this particular trip in life, what is truly important must be mapped out.  Make sure that  sacrifices placed on the alter of “the project” are not the things which make life worth living.  This is not an easy task, all must be weighed in the balance of life, and decisions made on the fly, it takes wisdom, and grace.  Your Creator must come first, from Him you will obtain grace and wisdom.  Your family must come next, to them you will dispense His grace and wisdom.  The rest is wrangled from what is left over, there is no other way.  I know one cannot expect old heads on young shoulders but knowing such a foundation exists makes all the difference, and one has to start somewhere.  Maybe, just maybe, when life is so busy you feel like your riding out a tornado in an outhouse you can stop for a moment.  Stop and close your eyes, bow your head and ask for grace.  With the grace ask for wisdom.  Now count your blessings and have the faith that you will make the right decisions.

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